1. Boldilocks and the Three Vibes

    Date: 12/11/2019, Categories: Masturbation / Toys Author: byEnosis, Source: Literotica

    Once upon a time, a well-named lass called Boldilocks was wandering in the forest when she came upon a hidden cabin she'd never seen before. Somehow, Boldilocks got the feeling that what she'd been looking for might be inside.
    Boldilocks lived across the wood. Since she graduated school she'd taken to searching the timbers in her spare time, for what she couldn't say. Maybe she only yearned for an escape from the tedium of home. Today some unspeakable instinct told Boldilocks to cross beneath the leaning stones by the waterfall, so she did. Beyond the mists awaited an unexpected path, and soon the descending ridge lines defined a valley, with the path leading ever onward. Once the trees thinned, a sturdy log cabin and a matching little barn appeared before her. The path ended (or began) at the cabin's front door.
    At first Boldilocks dared not leave the trees. Instead she watched the cabin, waited. Surely someone would emerge eventually. After a time she began to think no one was home. But Boldilocks was a curious girl, and she couldn't go home without knowing who lived here. At last she threw her shoulders back and walked to the door... and quietly, softly, opened it and let herself inside.
    Inside, the cabin felt comfortable, homier than she'd anticipated. There was something about the smooth dark colors on the walls and the mingling scents of leather and incense that made her warm inside. Not in her heart where the priests said she should feel things, not in her stomach where she usually felt them--deeper, in a way she'd never felt before. The girl wasn't sure why or when it had started, but as Boldilocks stood in the entryway she realized she was twirling and pulling a length of her own namesake hair. Chiding herself, she put her hand at her side and crept softly into the living room.
    The living room was dark, dominated by a large black leather chair by the fireplace, and a lifelike rug made from the fur of an animal Boldilocks had never seen. Thick, soft curls of rich chocolate brown fur, tinged with blood red when the light hit it right, tickled her toes as she walked across the rug. Boldilocks giggled to feel the creature's coat against her skin, and she caught herself wondering what it would feel like to be naked against that texture, to feel it tickle her sensitive bare skin. Funny, she thought, when had her nipples gotten hard? Was she cold?
    Her attention was diverted, however, by the three devices on the table by the chair. Boldilocks had never seen anything like them before. Well, except in some rude drawings one of the boys in her village got punished for showing around, and she only looked at those very quickly (in case someone noticed her interest). But some deeper instinct told Boldilocks what the first device was as she took it into her hand. When she turned the small dial at the bottom, the device shaped like a man's penis began to vibrate. Suddenly Boldilocks felt her panties dampen, and for a flash she wondered if ...