1. My first love of lingerie

    Date: 3/23/2024, Categories: Fetish First Time Group Sex Author: robought, Source: xHamster

    It started at home, my wife had left left her pile of clean clothes on the dryer again. While home for lunch she texted me and asked what I was doing? Truth was I thumbing through her panties on the dryer so, that was exactly what I said - I’m playing with your panties. She said leave them alone, they are too small for you LoL. I didn’t reply to her but I was still thinking, I’m alone and horny so the next thing I know I am standing naked in the laundry room trying on her panties. Rubbing myself, looking in the mirror, now I’m hard so the next thing I know I am taking a picture of me in her panties pushing the vacuum cleaner. Her reply was, OMG you are killing me! Get them off! Well that went kind of well, she wasn’t mad and took it kind of as a fun thing. This started a series of photos to her for a couple of weeks until she asked please don’t wear my panties anymore you are stretching them out and she gave me a gift box with a couple of pair of XL satin panties of my own. It wasn’t a far reach until I was sending her pictures of other guys in stockings and panties from TUMBLR and commenting on them saying things like WOW, that is huge, or “SEXY” She knew how much I liked it and entertained all my little text messages keeping the boredom away during the day.? I think my first transition to play with men though came when I said something along the lines of “how could anyone ever suck something that big”? She told me it’s too hard to suck huge ones and I asked a lot of questions about sucking cock. After a day of this type of talk she told me if you have so many questions about sucking cock “Why don’t you try one”? This was the first step towards becoming the man I think I always wanted to be. I asked many questions about what to do, how to do it, what happens when he comes, what if I gag? My wife told me everything I could possibly want to know about sucking a cock. The next thing to do was find someone, so I started a new SLS account that was all in honest. Pictures of me wearing lingerie, playing with a dildo and a full explanation of the fact I was only looking for a single guy. I also had pictures of her and I in matching outfits, white corsets, stockings, panties and garter belts. Turns out there are a lot of them, a REAL LOT OF THEM. I was getting messages from guys listed as straight, guys in couples who wanted to play with us together but narrowing them down to guys who just wanted to play alone was more of a task. Lots of guys want to jerk off and think about it but actually meeting with a guy in person and getting busy is a little more than most want to do. But I did find a couple guys who were serious. ? I told her one guy was really turned on by me wearing lingerie and wanted to meet in person, she was nervous and asked where we would go, I decided Dunkin Donuts was good, so we met in person just to meet. I decided to wear white thigh highs, panties and a corset under a dress shirt though just to show him I was committed. We met and ...