1. Creating My Hot Wife 13_(2)

    Date: 3/24/2024, Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Teen Torture, Voyeur / Exhibitionism Massage, Masturbation / Toys Pregnant, Wife / MILF Written by Women Author: Truthvstradition, Source: sexstories.com

    So play along with me.
    I want you to take it out. Yes...out. Right now.
    I don’t care what size it is. All cocks are fun. I’ve never gotten tired of them even though I’ve played with more than you would believe.
    Get some lube and start stroking because I’m doing this story totally naked while playing with myself. Really. Not a stitch on with double towels underneath my bum. I am sure I’m going to cum many times while writing this...and these towels are going to be soaked.
    Hey! Don’t look at my face or my pussy. Look only at my breasts. See how my nips are so aroused? See how they are sticking straight out? See how they shine all lubed up? Wanna taste them? At this very minute, they are super sensitive! Lean over and put one in your mouth. Make it really difficult for me to type.
    I love it when guys take the time to really love on my breasts. Most of you don’t understand that when your head is cradled on a woman’s chest like mine, and you are sucking on my nipples, it triggers powerful memories of my babies suckling them. I get an old familiar response just like when I’m nursing... I orgasm. I loved nursing and would usually continue doing so right up to my baby’s ability to talk. Quitting with each child would’ve been so sad if not for Jim...because he loved nursing on me too. He kept my milk flowing for some time after I quit with a child.
    Listen to me. When he or any other guy starts sucking on my nipple, you “become my child” in that moment. I looooove it! I get off imagining you are my baby. And if you were the right type of guy that loved being my baby too... I’d want to put you in diapers and make you look like my child during our playtime. Would you like that? Would you want to be my baby?
    Remember this in case I ever do hook up with you.
    Sadly, I’m not sure many guys understand how good “a man baby” feels to a woman like me. Come on over. We can play.
    Well I’ve been playing with my tits while thinking about what to write in this story. It’s been difficult typing. My fingers are very oily and actually... All I really want to do is play with these two engorged beauties. Oh gawd this is good. While I’m pinching and rolling them, I’m imagining you are right here suckling them while stroking that beautiful cock of yours. Oh I want to feel your head on my breast. Damn. Where are you?? I want you here!
    My clit needs you too! It’s swollen and sticking so far out. That’s because I’ve been naughty stroking it in between typing a few words at a time. I’m imagining you being right here right now. So look... I’m swinging the chair away from my desk and computer and inching my ass to the edge of this expensive executive chair.
    Now... kneel down between my legs. Now!!
    Gently lick all around my pussy. Hurry up and go real slow. Yes! Ok, now slide that tongue down to my crack. That’s sooo good. Here, let me lean back and put one foot on the desk and the other on the filing cabinet. Do you like seeing me all splayed out ...