1. My girlfriend made me a sissy part 2

    Date: 3/26/2024, Categories: Trans Incest / Taboo Fetish Author: Pussyboyloma, Source: xHamster

    For those who are reading my story for the first time make sure that you go through part 1I woke up, stretched out and smiled as I felt the familiar sensation of mygirlfriend's panties rubbing on my cock. The feeling instantly brought backmemories of the night before: I had gone to a party with my rather dominantgirlfriend; been coerced into her panties; sucked my very first cock andfound out my girlfriend had fucked another guy whilst I was doing it. Iloved every minute of it, my sissy-cock was rising as I remembered it allbut I had to resist the temptation to touch it. Jess would kill me if shefound out I'd been jacking off without her permission. I got up and withsome effort of will took off the panties to go shower and get ready for theday; I was ready not a moment too soon. I came out of the shower to find myphone buzzing; I grabbed it to hear Jess' voice."Morning Sissy, I assume you're free today?""Yes Jess""Oh good, I need you to come over for a while", and with that she hungup. I dressed quickly and ran out of the house; it wouldn't do to keep herwaiting.I let myself into her house and ran upstairs to find her lounging on herbed, just listening to music."Well you took your time didn't you?" She sounded pissed."I ran here as fast as I could Jess", it was true I was breathing soheavily."Get over here bitch", she grabbed my arm as she sat up and launched myover her lap "I can see I'll have to teach you a lesson"I knew what was about to happen, but I didn't struggle. I was too tired soit wouldn't help at all, Jess was pretty strong. Plus, I do think some partof me was rather looking forward to it, that is until the first blowlanded. SMACK!"Oww!""Shut up sissy, unless you're going to count them keep your slutty mouthshut!" She slapped each of my ass cheeks in turn, I couldn't believe howhard she could hit."2...3...4..." I started to count, hoping if I did it would please her andshe'd stop sooner. I guess I could have resisted but it didn't come to mindat all once she got going."Oh look how pathetic you are slut! A real man would never have let thishappen to him. If Jack was here I'd probably be in your place! Hedefinitely wouldn't have been over my knee whatever happened"The reference to the guy who fucked her the night before stung a little,but the fact she so happily talked about it as if my feelings on the matterwere nothing actually just made me excited."OMG! Is my little sissy getting hard? Little is the word alright, I canjust about feel something pressing against my leg", the spanking eased alittle as she laughed."*gasp*...30!""30? Well I guess that's enough sissy", she pushed me off her lap. "I'vegot you some presents, grab the white bag" She pointed to a white bag fromsome high street clothes shop next to a rather ominous looking blackplastic bag. I ran to get and bring it back to her."Look inside sissy"I opened it to find Jess had gotten me a lovely present, a frilly pair ofpale blue high cut panties and a matching bra."Oh thank you ...