1. Refreshing My Sex Life

    Date: 3/26/2024, Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation / Toys Mature / Older Author: bnglrcoupl4sex, Source: xHamster

    deleted deleted deletedI lived my life on my own terms. I got married to my own choice boy, Prasad and always get what I want. Everything goes on fine, we both working in Malaysia. On 1 unfortunate day 2 years back, I lost my husband in a car crash. That accident crashed our whole world. For months I was lost, no way to move on in life. I forget to eat, work, even almost forget I have a son to take care. 6 months after my husbands’ death I resume work. My son was with my mother as I told them I needed time alone to regain energy and restart life.My family was supportive. Once I came back to the office, my colleagues were looking at me differently. I didn’t understand, that look as if they were seeing me for the first time as if I am a completely new person. I asked my bestie, Anu who has been my backbone in getting back on my feet. Then she said something that made me look myself properly into the mirror after so long. Yes, I was different. Before the incident, I was a happy go lucky character, love eating weighing 80kg. Now I’m barely 60kg. before coming back to work, Anu took me to the spa to make me feel better (I guess), get me a completely new look new dresses and all.When I look myself into the mirror, wearing a light pink shirt and dark brown pants, my hair colour chestnut brown, face bright as no sunlight for months, and my figure, slim waist, the slight flesh of my boobs peeping from my fitting shirt. I was admiring myself for a moment before start crying. My friends try their best to keep me strong at least for myself. But I am not used to being alone. And most important, everything here reminds me of my husband, love of my life.I can’t focus on work and I become a bit reserve. My male office mates, who use to make fun of me nowadays start asking me out, seems to make me feel better, but I am not a teenage to not know their intentions. But honestly speaking, I was having sleepless nights. Something was missing in life. I don’t know. I start watching porn. Then I realize I was missing my sex life. It was almost a year now. I was having wet dreams as if I am being gang-banged by complete strangers (maybe influenced by porns I watched before sleep).My friend Anu noticed I am always restless. She kind of understands it, but also know that I am not ready for next relationship. I take the train to office and without me realising I am enjoying being touched in train by a pervert. He caresses my ass with his hard dick and touch my boob from the back. I didn’t stop him. It was getting out of hand. I knew I wanted to have sex but I can’t just fuck a random stranger! Then 1 day in office, was working late on a project with a team member, Kevin. He is good looking. I have to admit. But he is married. And this is the day I was wearing a dress to work. White dress, just slightly above the knee, short sleeve, a low neck that I was wearing a jacket.After office hour, they normally turn of the centralised a/c and it started to get warm, I had to remove ...