1. Sleepover

    Date: 3/26/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: dronette56, Source: LushStories

    Shana’s head was in her sometimes daddy's lap and her bare feet were tucked into the back of the couch’s cushion. She stuck a piece of buttery popcorn to the end of her tongue and drew it into her mouth.
    “Don’t I get any?” Kenny asked. Shana took one out of the bowl and lifted it up close enough for him to take it with his teeth, as well as the fingers that held it.
    “Daa-ddy!” She giggled and almost knocked the bowl over when she got on her knees to kiss another kernel to his lips. She settled back the way she was and he stroked her hair and shoulders.
    He let Shana stay up later than she should have so they could watch the Sunday night game together. She was wearing her “luv u” jammies, super soft capris with a pastel-lettered “luv u” pattern, and an elbow-length top with a pink and blue heart on its front. She tugged at the hem to cover her cold belly.
    Tonight, Shana was seventeen, relaxed, and content. In the morning, she’d be forced to be twenty-seven for the next five days of nine-to-five-plus work at the law firm. “What are they doing now?”
    “It’s second and twelve at their forty. They’re going to run again.”
    “Oh.” Shana yawned. “I like their pants.”
    “I know you do.”
    “They all have big bulges in front. Does that mean they all have big cocks?”
    “They’re wearing cups to protect their cocks. That’s not their cocks making the bulges.”
    “Oh. Do they have big cocks anyway?”
    “I imagine some of them do.”
    “I like their tight pants.”
    “So you said.”
    “Do they ever play without any clothes on?”
    “No, of course not.”
    “How come?”
    “Because then they’d hurt their cocks.”
    “Oh. And their balls too, I guess.”
    “I guess.”
    Shana munched some more while Ken tried to watch the game. “Can girls play?”
    “Not with the boys.”
    “Do girls play without any clothes on?”
    “No, but sometimes they play in their underwear.”
    “Oh. We should watch that someday.”
    Kenny leaned over to kiss her head. “Good idea, Princess.”
    Shana yawned again and told Kenny she was going to bed. She straddled his lap and kissed him in a way that most daughters don’t kiss their daddies, rubbing her nipples hard against his chest.
    “Nighty-night, Daddy. I love you.”
    “Love you too, Princess. Nighty-night.”
    Michael casually tugged at his penis as he nursed at his sometimes mommy's teat, swallowing one mouthful after another of her sweet, warm milk. Whenever he got just a little stiff, he’d leave himself alone for a while so he wouldn’t make a mess.
    Pauline sighed after one particularly long draw. She adopted, in a manner of speaking, her little boy right after he graduated from high school. Now in his mid-twenties, Sunday nights were special bonding times before he had to go to his warehouse supervisor’s job early Monday morning.
    Bath time started with a spray from the bidet while the tub filled with silky, aromatic bubbles. Michael climbed in on his hands and knees and Pauline cautiously worked a slippery finger ...