1. My unexpected journey - part 5

    Date: 3/27/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Trans Author: Desire2beagurl, Source: sexstories.com

    It had been several weeks since I started my new job…and my new lifestyle. The work was steady and often times I was requested by name for my “services”. Kendra had even given me a new name as she had started calling me Lizzy, at least until I get it legally changed.
    I got used to a lot of changes during this time. My breasts had started to develop although not as big as I ultimately wanted them. My hair had even started getting longer, now down just past my shoulders. The cock cage didn’t hurt anymore and in actuality had made me a little smaller so we had to go down a size. The plug was another constant I had gotten used to although I would take it out before I went to work and put it back when I was done. My wardrobe got bigger, as did my heels as I was walking around in stilettos now.
    The bond between Kendra and I grew too, as we slept together all the time even though it was a two bedroom apartment. Life was good and happy but as it happens in life changes were soon to come.
    I arrived home from a “hard” day at work and was greeted by an excited Kendra. With her was another girl whom I had met briefly at the party. Kendra explained to me that since we had the extra room that wasn’t being used, since we were sharing the one room, she had invited The girl to stay with us. She introduced herself as Violet and made her way back to her room to start unpacking. My girlfriend kissed me full on the lips as she made her way out the door to go in her evening jog.
    Tired after the long day I started down the hallway towards the bedroom. As I passed by I heard a lot of movement coming from Violet’s new room and saw the door was cracked open. Curious, I snuck closer to the door, peering in to see what all the racket was. Swaying her hips to the music softly playing her clothes piling on the floor as she undressed. I felt my hand unconsciously reaching for my caged cock, rubbing faster and faster as I continued to watch her. Getting closer and closer to the edge I don’t realize that she stopped until it was too late.
    The door flys open and I feel myself pulled into the room. Jolted out of my dream-like state I stammer as I watch her close the door and turn towards me. My jaw dropped instantly as I scanned down her body, over her large tits, her flat stomach, down to her large, hard COCK. I didn’t believe it at first but there it was hanging out of her panties, bouncing as she walked towards me. Swiftly she bent down and grab my hand, placing it on her cock as she smiled down at me.
    Instinct kicked in as I started stroking the hard, throbbing member. I see her eyes roll back as she moans but quickly grabs my hand and pulls it away. She plops onto her bed as a frown creeps along her face and she reminds me that I have a girlfriend although I can tell in her eyes she doesn’t really care. I swiftly make my way to the bed, stripping my own clothes off as I lay next to her. Spitting on my hand I grab her hard cock again, rubbing furiously around ...