1. My unexpected journey - part 5

    Date: 3/27/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Trans Author: Desire2beagurl, Source: sexstories.com

    ... sucked hard on the head of it, taking in as much as I could, although it wasn’t long before I filled my mouth with my own cum.
    She laughed again at my actions and stated that she expected more but I didn’t do too bad. Then she told me that since I could take a cock like a girl I should start looking more like one so she had gotten me a membership at a local gym and some new clothes. She tossed a gym bag at me and I quickly opened up. Quickly making my way to the bedroom I sorted out the clothes left in the bag.
    I quickly donned the leotard, yoga pants, socks, and sneakers and hurried downstairs. Since the gym was a few miles away Kendra had gotten me a bike to get there and back. I quickly jumped on the bike and made my way downtown to the gym. As I entered I could smell the sweat permeating in the air. I went to the locker room, the girls locker room, and dropped off my stuff in a locker. I made my way out to the main area of the gym to look around.
    I spent the next few hours doing various exercises to shape up my body. Squats, sit-ups, lunges, some yoga, and hip bridges along with some running on the treadmill. I had worked up quite a sweat and couldn’t wait to get in the shower. I made my way to the locker room to get cleaned up and go home.
    As I got near the row my stuff was in I heard voices, girl voices, coming from that very row. Peeking around I saw a group of girls chatting and in various stages of undress. Then I noticed my cock wanting to make its own appearance and stood quite erect. Well, not wanting to walk out there with a raging hard on, I quickly started stroking it trying to stay as silent as possible. As the bliss of touching myself made my head swoon I took no notice that I wasn’t alone.
    Suddenly I get someone grab me from behind, wrapping an arm around my throat and shoving something into my ass. I tried to scream but couldn’t with the arm closing around my windpipe as the object in my ass thrust again and again. I heard a girls voice shout from behind me and knew that there was no hope of escape. My body became limp as I gave into my attacker.
    She must have felt me give up because she relaxed her grip and let me go, her cock flopping out of me as I stumbled forward a couple of steps. I immediately turned around and dropped to my knees, taking the large cock into my mouth as the girl patted my head. Sucking it harder I could taste the sweat, ass juice, and precum covering her prick and I continued I noticed others starting to make their way towards us.
    Without notice I feel myself lifted up and pulled backwards over a bench covered with a towel. I feel my clothes pulled off of me leaving me naked and exposed. More and more cocks appear around me as I stroke a couple, rubbing them on my nipples, taking one into my mouth and then another, then I feel my legs lifted up and a large cock flopped on my belly.
    The lust in me begins to take over and I feel the large cock penetrate me as I suck on two cocks, ...