1. My unexpected journey - part 5

    Date: 3/27/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Trans Author: Desire2beagurl, Source: sexstories.com

    ... one after the other, stroking another two, one in each hand, grinding my hips against the large cock inside me. My own cock starts to leak and glisten as I find myself in the midst of this gang bang.
    I feel the cock in my ass twitch before unleashing it’s torrent of cum inside me while another cock jerks and pulses as it shoots it’s load down my throat. Not wanting to miss their chances the girls quickly rotate around and around making sure to have their turn pumping their load into either my throat or my ass, and also ensuring I clean them up really good. As I lost myself to the lustful bliss of orgasm after orgasm my mind faded off into darkness.
    I woke up suddenly, still on the locker room floor, cum leaking from my mouth and my ass. I quickly cleaned myself up as best I could and gathered all my things. I made my way outside vowing that I could never let my girlfriend know what happened here because that would just make it worse the next time. I had to take care of this myself.
    Walking up to my bike, lost in thought, I didn’t even notice the “addition” to my seat. As I pulled the bike out of the rack and prepared to get on it I noticed that the seat was raised all the way up with no way of lowering it without tools, and also someone had glued and strapped a medium sized dildo to the seat. As it was getting dark and looked like it was going to rain I quickly made a decision. I ripped a hole in my yoga pants, climbed on the bike, and lowered myself onto the dildo, feeling it push all the way up inside me.
    I started towards home as quickly as I could. I could hear myself moaning every so often as I made the long trek. By the time I got home my bike seat was covered in cum that had leaked from my hole, along with the cum my own little cock was leaking as I felt that dildo rubbing all up inside me. I made it up the stairs in shaky legs and got inside as I flopped onto the couch, completely exhausted by my first, but definitely not my last, trip to the gym.