1. Let's Do It Together

    Date: 3/28/2024, Categories: Masturbation / Toys Author: byyarnspinnerr, Source: Literotica

    "So I saw something interesting last night when I came downstairs for a drink of water." Candi said as she poured a cup of coffee.
    Harold's face went pale as he realized what she was talking about. Candi had seen him masturbating. He froze with a fork full of eggs halfway to his mouth.
    Candi was his daughter Samantha's best friend from college, and the two girls were home during the semester break.
    Sami's sister had recently gotten her own apartment, leaving Harold alone in the big house. But it meant that both girls had their own room while they stayed.
    Harold's wife Tabitha had been gone for almost 3 years that summer. Taken too early in life, like so many others, by the scourge of cancer.
    So Harold was glad to have the girls home for a while, the big house just seemed so empty at times.
    But it had also been a little awkward having two young ladies back in the house again. Especially when one of them wasn't his daughter, and she was smoking hot, with a flirty personality and a naughty sparkle in her big, beautiful, brown eyes.
    Harold had gotten used to having the place to himself. He now had to make himself presentable to leave his bedroom.
    Every morning he had to remind himself that he couldn't walk to the bathroom for his morning piss naked. He actually had to pull some clothes on.
    Harold had heard the girls stumble in late the previous night, and assumed he could get away with a little late night porn and self pleasure downstairs in the living room. Apparently he was wrong.
    "Don't be embarrassed Mr. D." Candi continued, "I won't tell anyone. Especially Sam!" She pulled up a stool next to Harold at the kitchen island.
    She had leaned back with one hand on the stool behind her butt, hoisting herself up, and the other reaching out to place her coffee mug on the island, the thin, well worn, Winnie the Pooh t-shirt pulled tightly across her firm, young breasts, obviously unencumbered with a bra. Her areolas were plainly visible through the thin white fabric.
    Her muscular thighs spread wide with one foot on the stool rung, and the other reaching out for the rail at the base of the island. Harold got a glimpse of pink panties between her killer legs.
    Harold struggled to pretend he hadn't noticed any of it and keep a neutral face, but of course Candi knew what he saw. She had shown it all to him on purpose, after all.
    While Candi settled her elbows on the marble top. Her smile was disarming as she pushed her hair behind her ear and continued, "Actually, I don't see anything wrong with what you were doing, in fact, I do it all the time too." She said in a hushed, conspiratorial voice. Then added, "And by the way, I just love that handheld shower wand you guys have upstairs!"
    Harold got a mental picture in his head that he just knew he would revisit every time he was stroking himself in the shower, for a long time to come.
    Candi giggled at the look on Harold's face. He had been unable to maintain his ...