1. Bimbo Burger

    Date: 3/29/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: LuceDevlin, Source: LushStories

    “Welcome to Bimbo Burger, Home of the Best Bimbo Burgers, Can I take your order?”
    Ralph stared at her glossy pink lips as she smiled at him. He had thought this place a myth, but there she was, topless and perky in all the ways. Vacant, bimbo eyes blinking at him like a doll. Her nipples were as pink as her hair and her lipstick. Her eyes looked like someone painted her eyes blue. She was the most Doll-like person he’d ever seen. His best friend Patricio grinned at him. “Welcome to the Doll District, my friend,” he whispered.
    Still staring with a gaped mouth at the girl behind the register, Ralph didn’t answer. Patricio chuckled and stepped forward to make his order, “Good afternoon, gorgeous. I’d like the Super Stacked Stallion Burger with the special sauce from… Victory Monroe, and yes, I’d like to watch her add the sauce.”
    The bimbo cashier grinned brightly, typed the order in the register. “And for your friend?”
    Patricio looked at Ralph with his now-tented pants and glazed expression. He knew he had a bimbo and doll fetish, it was why they got along so well as friends but, he didn’t think he’d be this far gone just from seeing a Burger Bimbo. He grinned in what he hoped was charming enough to cover the concern he had for his friend. “Right, he’ll have a Double Stacked Bimbo Burger with Sybian Squirt Sauce from Willa Wetsocks and make it a combo for both, if you don’t mind.”
    “Do you have a toy preference?”
    “Slippery Cockrings for both, make it a six-pack for my friend, it's his first time,” Patricio said with a wink.
    The Cashier giggled, “Of course. Oh! With the Virgin Discount you are awarded a free extra of your choice, what would you choose for that?”
    Patricio glanced at Ralph who was now looking around the establishment. It was a nostalgic vaporwave-wet dream of checkered tile, neon colors, and hentai art on the walls. The windows were tinted and had computer-generated ‘scenery’ of different biomes and landscapes.
    “I think, for the combo drink, we’ll have the standard soda with a kiss mark'd straw. But for his virgin discount extra, how about a jumbo special slush o’squirt bukkake blast?”
    The bimbo grinned. “Wild style or Cherry Picked?”
    “Make it wild, I’m starting to lose the blood to my brain to cherry-pick the sluts myself. Your tits are… very distracting… they're so… perfect.”
    The bimbo giggled and tapped buttons on the register machine. “Your order is in process, proceed to the first window to voyeur the saucing.” She gestured with an open palm to the narrow hallway behind a divider where there were viewing windows to the kitchen.
    Patricio went and grabbed Ralph, “Hey, c’mon, it gets better… let’s go watch them add the sauce,” he said.
    Ralph blinked and gave his friend a goofy grin. The two of them went to the first window, where they had the vision of Victory Monroe herself. She was a Transgirl with the biggest equine dick between her legs, and six feathery wings on her back. Her three tits ...