1. Reminiscing about my first time

    Date: 3/29/2024, Categories: Masturbation / Toys First Time Author: AReeves83, Source: xHamster

    Part OneAt the moment I'm so frustrated and it feels like forever since I'd had anyone that I've felt a real connection with.I miss when I was younger, when I'd just started finding myself and watching my body develop, remembering how taboo self masturbation was for me, the smells, wetness, softness and that anticipation - that general all round naughty feeling of something new.But recently I'd chatted with a complete stranger online who made me go back to that feeling when I was that young orgasmic girl, finding something new.Lying here waiting for that message box to signal from her seemed to take forever.I knew from a young age that I was bisexual, but back then it didn't have a name, I just thought I admired the female form, not that it was a sexual thing. Trouble was I looked forward and then with dread to PE (Physical Education). I would hang around the sides of the netball court trying to look like I was involved, I was in today’s terms soooooo bored.After the activity we walked back to the changing rooms, and although we had separate showers they'd be the girls fully developed showing their breasts off proudly, ( I felt they were so arrogant) versus those who didn't want to show off at all but would have theirs openly discussed by other girls until the teacher would call them out.Poor Susan she knew she'd had the biggest tits as the guys and girls would either tried to grab them or poke fun at them, but she was so shy I felt so sorry for her with that constant harassment.For me the smell in the changing rooms would be so intoxicating. Just writing this I remember Rebecca Ken... a something, walk past me and the smell of her armpit sweat would be like a dr*g, even now when I get on the tube and someone smells just like her..... - Anyway that's probably just a bit weird for most.It was catching a glimpse of the girls pubic hair, especially those who had just starting to show that got my attention, I tried not to stare but the shyer they were the more I was compelled to look.After all I was incredibly shy, my towel would give nothing away, tightly shrouding me whilst I slipped my white cotton knickers on, oh and my bra, not that I needed that thing with my tiny breasts.The first time I knew I was going into puberty properly after my breasts started to take shape and my pubic hair started growing through, and sure I'd explored myself before, plenty of times, but later this evening was different.I was in bed, the usual girl’s room, single bed covered in teddies, wrapped underneath my covers and I'd gone to bed thinking of two particular girls, Emma and Caroline. They had been chatting to each other about the usual girl stuff whilst walking back through the cramped corridor to the changing rooms, but after they have left the shower I happened to glance through the open cubicle door to catch a glimpse of Caroline's perfectly figure and dark hairy vagina.Whilst she was quite wide hipped for her age with a skinny waist she had these perfectly ...