1. Girlfriend and Boyfriend Abducted - Part 4

    Date: 3/29/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Non-consensual Sex Humiliation Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: gaggedKitty23, Source: sexstories.com

    Ashley’s scream echoed through the basement.
    “AAAAAYY!!! Please, it hurts!” she squealed, but he seemed not to notice. The brutal man who had captured Ashley and her boyfriend didn’t care about her humiliation or her pain. He just pounded into her virgin ass with the strength of a bull, his cock plunging into her again and again. Still tied naked to the chair, Brad could only watch. He could only watch his sexy college girlfriend kneeling doggy-style, her wrists cuffed to a headboard, as this maniac raped her ass.
    With one hand yanking her pony-tailed head back so much that pain tore through the roots of her hair, Mladic kept fucking her, pounding away at her without mercy. There was one merciful element to the whole ordeal, though. Time. Mladic’s urgency grew exponentially. The tight squeeze of Ashley’s ass around his cock was too much for him. Excitement and libido couldn’t be contained. He pulled even harder on her ponytail even as his other hand alternated between slapping her ass cheeks.
    “Please slow down, you’re hurting meeee!!!”
    “Good!” he shouted. “Yes, that makes my dick harder. Scream and shout, slut. Struggle and wiggle your ass for me.” He continued his rhythm, his eyes clenching shut as he focused on the exquisite vice of her ass clamped around his manhood.
    “Fuck,” he growled, “your ass is even tighter than I expected, bitch. You’ll milk my balls and have me bursting far too soon. FUCK.” He groaned and grunted, spearing into her. His balls slapped against her jiggling ass cheeks as he kept up the pace of his rape, not willing to slow down even if it meant a premature eruption. Sure enough, he was soon growling, and that growl turned into an almost bestial roar. He slammed his cock into her anal depths and held himself there, exploding with a geyser of cum that shot deep into her intestines. Her cum-soaked bowels felt a burning ache, and Ashley knew that she would never be the same. Meanwhile, Mladic pressed against her back, heaving as he finished the last few spurts, flush against her ass.
    “Ughhh! Yes. Bitch, you wrung me dry. Every last swimmer just dove into that sexy little butthole. Mmmm. Now don’t move.”
    Tears were streaming down Ashley’s face. A confusing trace of arousal had momentarily snuck through her. Now, in the aftermath, that only deepened her shame. Even the idea that the tiniest part of her had somehow enjoyed her ass-rape sent her into a fresh downward spiral. Ashley continued to cry as Mladic pulled his cock out of her ass and turned toward Brad. He pulled the girl’s ass cheeks apart with both hands to reveal the distended anal crevice now brimming with so much cum.
    “Stop crying, bitch. You’re not even bleeding,” he barked, giving her ass a hard smack. Ashley choked back her tears. She tried to be quiet. She tried to deaden her mind, to pretend that she’d simply ceased to exist. Mladic turned back to Brad again. “That doesn’t look good, lover-boy. Your girlfriend just ...