1. Never Knew This About Us - Part 1

    Date: 3/30/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: one_0685, Source: LushStories

    This is a true story that happened to me not too long ago. I do not promote this kind of thing but this is how it happened and I will tell you every detail. The names, age and facts are all true. Although you might not believe it sometimes, I have no intention of lying but these are the facts. I guess this happens once in your lifetime but only if you encourage it, if we would have left when we had the chance everything would of been normal. I also want to mention that I did not write a story ever in my life so I will tell you this like I would tell the story to a friend. I am no good at writing. I also am sorry for some language mistakes I may have, English is not my native language so bear with me. Let me know what you think about this. One more thing is how I will also say in the story: people's mind is a wonder, you don't know anything about you until you try some things and you do something that was impossible to think of until then. So let's start.
    I am twenty-four and my girlfriend Bianca is twenty-one. I am 172cm in height, 70kg, with dark hair, brown eyes, and an athletic body. Bianca is 160cm tall, 49kg, with brown hair and brown eyes. We were having a normal relationship for seven months and there was nothing out of the ordinary until this happened.
    One hot day in August I said to her, "Let's go for a drive outside the city with the car, nothing special just to waste some time if you want."
    "OK, let's go," Bianca said.
    She was wearing a short white dress and brown flats, no underwear as we were also thinking of getting laid somewhere in the car a bit later like we did a few times already. I will skip the chit-chat we were having and jump to the important parts. After a while we were hungry so we stopped on some road outside the main one near a wheat field. We took out our food that we bought from a gas station way back and started eating. We noticed a horse-pulled wagon with three gipsies coming our way but we kept on eating; there was nothing to worry about. Once they were near us they stopped and the three young men jumped out of the wagon and started begging for some money or food, whatever we had to spare. They were three boys Andrei and Stefan were aged sixteen and George was seventeen years old as we found out later. They wore dirty, dusty, ragged clothes the worst you can imagine. They were not ugly at least. They had dark hair, and dark skin as most gipsies have. They resembled very much the Indian folks in India actually.
    I said, "No, we do not have anything please let us be."
    Bianca on the other hand told them to come closer to us and that she would give them her sandwich, no problem. The three boys came and happily accepted the food and started eating, asking us what we were doing around those parts. Suddenly she went to Stefan, dropped to her knees and told him that she wants to suck his dick right there, right now in the middle of the road. I was stunned and aroused at the same time. The boys started ...