1. Ann’s Art Project

    Date: 3/31/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Humiliation Author: qexiqex, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 1
    Ann couldn't remember when those dreams started. Ever since her breasts became so large, pictures of her globes started popping up in her mind all the time. Her boobs materialized as part of old paintings and art installations, on walls and windows, in fruit baskets and even inside bookshelves! It was just crazy, and quite irritating.
    At some point, Ann was concerned that she was about to go crazy. She knew she had to do something about those weird thoughts. And so she decided to study art, to make those fantasies a reality. Maybe that would make them go away!
    In order to kick-start her career, she figured it would be best to convince the dean of her art school. With his support it should be much easier to gain appreciation and popularity for the twisted artwork she was planning to do. Without his backing however, she would most likely end up in the 'another weirdo trying to be creative' corner. She would likely never gain any popularity, but would instead be regarded as some sort of freak, obsessed with putting her own boobs all over the place.
    Following her well laid out plan, her first target was to get the dean on her side. This shouldn't be too difficult though, as Ann had heard that the dean was quite open to new ideas, and an avid supporter of controversial, sexualized artwork.
    To bring her plan to life, she would have to create an artwork to exhibit her assets in a beautiful, yet daring setting that would make her breasts look like an expensive sculpture. But she would need to make sure that her boobs, and only her boobs, would be visible, and nothing else. And she would obviously need to sneak into the dean's office at night to set herself up. And then she just had to hope for the best.
    Ann's heart was racing. The mere thought of being stuck in that office for hours, boobs exposed, made her horny as hell.
    She went into her cozy little workshop, her mind full of ideas for the first object to showcase herself. A hollow column, made from dark wood, was the centerpiece of what she was planning to create. Ann had it custom-ordered a few days ago. This fine piece even had carved-in steps inside, so she could get in and out easily. With delicate movements, and fully absorbed by her task, Ann carved two carefully measured holes into the column, her small, skillful hands caressing the exquisite material in the process.
    After a few days of work, Ann was finally satisfied with what she created. The luxurious bronze plate she ordered online, arrived just in time. Round, bold letters described her work:
    Breasts of a happy woman, 2014
    Artist: Ann
    Sculpture made of styrofoam, latex, silicone gel and paint
    Handle with care
    With trembling hands, Ann fixed the plate on the column. She was almost there, she would need to go into the innards of that column soon. The excitement almost killed her. With shaking hands she stripped herself naked, and climbed inside. It was dark in there. So dark that she barely ...