1. My Husband He is my Cuckold

    Date: 3/31/2024, Categories: Fetish First Time Interracial Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster

    I am a panty wearing, cock-sucking cuckold and I love every minute of it. I used to be all macho and thought I was God's gift to women. But, fortunately for me, my wife showed me the error of my ways.When I was at College I did what most red-blooded young men do - I partied hard and I fucked every available woman I could. And there was quite a few. I played basketball so I moved with the 'in' crowd. We were on the highest rung in the hierarchy of the school.Our parties were wilder and our women hotter than anyone else. When we got together with the football guys and the cheerleaders, things got wild. Eventually, in my final year, I had to front the Academic Registrar. I was about to be failed because I hadn't completed the right amount of Units in the right subjects. The basketball season was over and I really wanted to graduate.So with promises to pull my socks up I avoided being kicked out. My timetable was amended so I had the correct subjects and I had to pick up a language. Shit, I was a jock. I could hardly speak English, let alone some other language. Things were worked out and with a little work I would be okay. But I had to have a personal tutor in Spanish, one of the subjects I needed to pass in order to graduate.We met in the library and Danielle looked to be my worst nightmare. Dressed like my mother, with thick glasses and no make-up I thought the worst. When she started to tutor me she had a mousy little voice that matched her clothes perfectly. She was the sort of girl I would never speak to if I didn't have to. But I had to.Somehow she dragged me through Spanish and I graduated. Thank God. I expected that I would never see her again.I wasn't talented enough to play professionally but I was fortunate to get a job with an International Investment firm. I was even able to use my lousy Spanish at work. I really liked my job and was quite good at it too. The Clients seemed to like me and I was able to speak to them at the right level too. I had matured in the time I had worked there. I had been there almost a year when I went to a work function.When I first arrived I went straight to the bar. Imported beer was part of the evening so I grabbed a Grolsch and turned to survey the party. As I was standing there an absolutely stunning raven-haired beauty came up to me and said, "Hello, Joel. Long time, no see."I looked at her and said, "Do I know you, miss?""Oh, Joel, I'm offended. Are you forgetting about my Spanish tutoring already? And I thought I made an impression on you.""Danielle?" I spluttered. She looked nothing like the girl that tutored me."Yeah, it's me, Danielle. Why the surprise?""You...you're beautiful!""Nice of you to notice," she said."But...but, you looked nothing like this. You looked ...""Ugly?""Well, yeah," Joel said, "no offence.""None taken. I did that on purpose. I actually took my tutoring seriously and I knew if I looked like this then you'd never have passed. So I dressed down a little.""A little? You are ...