1. Jennifer’s Breeding

    Date: 3/31/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byMaisy_P, Source: Literotica

    It was Friday night, and Jennifer was out on a date.
    She was a pretty, pouty-lipped former cheerleader, her bouncy blonde hair falling just beneath a large rack that made men glance over appreciatively.
    As she sat at the bar waiting, she was all dressed up in high heels and a short skirt, her sexy pert body packaged nicely so men could drink in the sight of the nubile 25-year old. Tonight was her first date with Ted, a very eligible lawyer she had been set up with by one of her sorority sisters. He smiled as he walked up to greet her.
    Ted had an impeccable preppy style - crisp shirt, pleated trousers, leather shoes, fresh hair cut. He was a bit older, mid 30s - more mature, at the height of his profession. She felt pleased to be seen with such a respectable and handsome bachelor as they were seated for their reservation at the exclusive little bistro uptown.
    "So, Jen," Ted smiled at her warmly. "Melissa tells me you're working in sales?" The waiter had poured their wine. Jennifer adjusted the strap of her dress. Her large perky breasts were beautifully displayed in her trendy low-cut top.
    "Well, I work for a customer relations management consultancy. I'm actually moving toward a regional director position, but yes, ultimately I guess you could say I'm in sales." She smiled obligingly at Ted. She didn't want him to think she was too much of a ball-busting career woman -- although at heart, she loved the challenge and competitiveness of her job.
    Ted was nodding. They talked about his firm, where he had recently become partner. They talked about life in the city, where Ted currently owned a condo in a luxury development and Jennifer was renting.
    They discussed their shared interest in the American dream -- a big wedding, a happy marriage and parenthood, a large home with backyard, a young happy family, a Golden Retriever and all the trimmings. They were both from large families, both had grown up going to the best Catholic schools in the area. They seemed to have so much in common.
    As the evening went on, Jennifer felt closer to Ted, to the upwardly mobile, traditional values that they both cherished. She also felt closer to him physically. He had insinuated his hands up her thigh under the white linen table setting, his hand shifting discreetly under her silky skirt to grope her soft, toned leg.
    She gazed in his eyes coyly as his hand played gently across her lap. She liked seeing how interested he was. She didn't intend to give it up on the first date, but she appreciated his direct style. His confident groping had teased her into a state of neediness. Her pussy was swollen and juicing expectantly as his manly fingers grazed her soft skin. The little bit of wine didn't hurt either to make her more receptive to him.
    At the end of the night, Ted brought her home to her doorstep, just like a storybook. He was a little taller than her, and as she gazed up into his eyes, she felt like she was melting and they shared a ...