1. Lisa 3

    Date: 3/31/2024, Categories: True Stories Ass to Mouth, Cuckold Group Sex Wife / MILF Author: Peter Thompson, Source: sexstories.com

    "I'm telling you mate, that blonde bitch is crying out for a good shagging, under those conservative clothes lies one hot piece of arse. Just look at her husband, he's old enough to be her father; he certainly isn't capable of giving her one. She obviously only married him for his money. No he's useless, we could all screw her and she would still be begging for more."
    I quickly realised that they where discussing my lovely little wife Lisa. My own dear little darling. My first reaction was that I was furious, but.... it was also mixed with excitement. I couldn't understand it. These men were talking about the woman I love, in the most disgusting and crude terms but I was being turned on by it. I said nothing, just collected the keys, got the car and left.
    For weeks after I found myself thinking more and more about them and found that I was getting an erection every time. We literally hadn't had sex for months and I found the whole idea very arousing. It all came to a head one evening when we where both reading in bed and I knew I had to tell Lisa what they had said. She waited patiently as I told her and I was surprised when she wouldn't let me substitute their four letter words.
    After I had finished telling her every crude detail of what they had said about her, she put her hand under the covers and felt my erection and slowly and provocatively started to wank me. When she knew that she had my full attention she said "Well why don't I give the boys a treat and if you are very good and very obedient, I will let you watch. So you can make arrangements to get them up here on Saturday. I don't care how you do it, just get them here." From that day on my wife's attitude towards me changed, she became much more dominant, treating me like a child etc.
    On Saturday morning I called at the garage and told the foreman that my wife was still having problems with her car and 'she wanted seeing to' this afternoon and if he could bring some mechanics with him to help sort her problem out, I would pay them extra for their time. He said he would bring 3 of them after they finished work at 12 o clock.
    When I got back home my wife was more demanding than ever, she said that I would only be allowed to watch if I wore some of her knickers and tights. Nobody will know if you wear them under your trousers. With that last comment, I reluctantly agreed.
    At 12-15 there was a knock at the door, I showed them where the car was and gave them the keys. After about 15 minutes they returned and said that they could find nothing at all wrong with the car. Come in and have a beer and I'll pay you for your trouble. I gave each of them a can of beer and paid them £10 each. They where stood around drinking their beer as Lisa came down the stairs, I had never seen her look like or dress like that before.
    Starting from the top, down. Her hair had been tied back, she'd put on dark red lipstick and a heavy eye make-up, she'd got on an almost totally see through ...