1. Swati's Descent

    Date: 4/1/2024, Categories: Interracial Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    Having studied very hard, Swati had graduated from her school with honours. Although her parents were not thrilled that she had rejected their choice of husband, they had eventually relented and she married her classmate Siva. Much to their delight, the young lovers both found jobs as IT professionals at the same company. Five years later, they arrived in America. It was supposed to be a two year contract with an option to extend if business continued to improve.In the beginning, everything went exceptionally well. The combined salary was sufficient to allow them to rent a nice condo and still send some money back home to help out their parents. It even began to look like they might be able to apply and become official citizens of the US. Life seemed good. Almost too good. And then the roof fell in, at least it did for Swati.The exact details are really unimportant. It is enough to know that she did something incredibly stupid and got caught at it. But here in America, sex was so... Open. Sex shops. Theaters. Shows. And of course, the Internet. Swati had become somewhat addicted to Internet porn. Not just any porn, but BDSM and humiliation. No one, not even Siva was unaware of her indiscretions. That is no one except the janitor who had caught her watching a movie clip after hours and then followed her into the restroom where she had gone to masturbate.Now, much to her utter horror, she found herself kneeling in front of the black janitor, someone who would have been an untouchable back home, with his fat cock deep in her mouth."There you go Swati," he hissed. "You just keep that up and you don't have anything to worry about."As she continued her unwilling ministrations, she thought about the consequences Fitzroy had threatened. Dismissal. Deportation. Divorce. Worse still, the degradation of her family finding out and the ultimate dishonour that would bring to them all. It was like one of those movies. She had no choice but to submit when he promised to keep her secret, for a price. She just never thought the price would be so high or so degrading.It had been the web porn stars that had gotten her into this mess and now having watched them perform, Swati knew what Fitzroy expected from her. With a pit the size of a g****fruit in her stomach, Swati began to work her tongue around the thick black meat invading her mouth. This was bad. This was the worst. She couldn't believe what she was actually doing, or with whom. Or as she would have said back home, what. But somehow the depth of her degradation was causing a slight tingle in her groinAs Fitzroy groaned above her, she thought about the different castes back home in India. The "Untouchables" were the lowest of the low. Actually so low that they were below the class system all together. Their skin had the darkest hue. They worked with garbage and sewage and all manner of disgusting things. Just like this janitor standing in front of her.Her family had been firmly ensconced in the Vaishya caste. ...