1. Take My Ass Please, One More Time (part III)

    Date: 4/1/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Black, Enema, Pegging, Masturbation / Toys Author: D-bot, Source: sexstories.com

    Take My Ass Please, One More Time
    We mostly took it easy during the week, Karen and I worked during the day, in the evenings we all enjoyed being naked around each other but refrained from sex.
    Val had taken a real interest in helping me pee. We’d stand in the tub, she’d hold my dick and wave it around laughing, she loved to point it straight up and feel the piss rain down on her hand.
    Friday when I got home, I found Val and Karen waiting for me in the hallway, grinning like naughty schoolgirls. I could tell Val was hiding something behind her back, and Karen stepped up and kissed me.
    I didn’t know, but they had been preparing for this all week.
    Karen silenced me with a finger to my lips before I could speak.
    “Don, Val and I decided that this weekend, you will be our sex toy. You will do as you are told, and you will not speak unless told to. If you understand nod your head.”
    I looked at them in shock, not that I was against the idea, but it caught me by surprise. I nodded my head, and the games began.
    “First, you’re overdressed. Here are the rules. You will wear nothing unless we want to see you in panties. You will not eat, drink, or smoke without permission. At least one of us will be with you at all times, even in the bathroom, got it? Now strip, just drop your clothes on the floor.
    A minute later I was standing naked in front of two fully clothed women, wondering what they had planned.
    “Now, last week we all had fun putting things up our asses, but we also spent a lot of time cleaning toys. We have a solution for that. A soap solution, to be exact.”
    That’s when they showed me the enema bag.
    “This is one of the things we got at the sex shop Tuesday, the woman who works there listened to our plan, and was very helpful in picking out a few things.”
    Then I was told to ‘get my cute little ass into the bathroom!’
    I did, and five minutes later they strolled in naked.
    “The bag,” Val explained, “holds two quarts, but today we will only give you one and a half. We’ve been practicing and think that’s all you’ll be able to take the first time. Now bend over the tub and put your head down like a good boy.
    Totally exposed, my ass cheeks pulled apart, I felt a wet finger in my butt, then the nozzle sliding in. I was relaxed at first, but water flowed into me faster than I expected, my body tensed as water started pulling my stomach down
    When the bag was empty and the nozzle removed, I stood uneasily, the full weight of the enema pushed against my asshole as I hobbled to the toilet. I sat and watched Val take her turn, bent over the tub, her open ass right in front of me. The white tube slowly sliding into her black hole was very sensuous, only a minute later she had taken half a bag and the tube was removed. Karen took her place, and I watched as the scene was repeated.
    When we were all finished with our enemas, Karen sat back on the toilet while she talked to me.
    “You know Val likes to watch ...