Date: 4/1/2024, Categories: True Stories Ass to Mouth, Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Consensual Sex Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Gay Group Sex Hardcore, Lesbian Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com

    “Our friends Peter and Pam used to be active participants of polyamory, however, they have a problem.
    “He is recovering from prostate surgery and wants to resume his sex life. His lady says he will need lots of stimulation to get started again. She has invited us to their condo to help stimulate his sex life next Sunday afternoon. Is that fine with you baby?,” Sarah asks with a huge smile.
    “Yes of course. Isn’t he rumored to be very well hung?”
    “He was before his surgery, that’s why they want us to help him recover his erection,” Sarah tells me as she shows me some pics on her tablet. “Almost as big as you baby, must be at least eight-inches, and rock hard and thick. And look at the way she is teasing his erection with the tip of her tongue.”
    “Who took the pics, a male or female? Ask them if the person who took the pics can take some more of us when we visit?”
    On the way to their condo we are both anticipating an exciting new sexual experience. “Has Pam organized a photographer?,” I ask. “An extra buzz for me if she has.”
    “Yes she has, an extra buzz for me also, a thirty-year old male.”
    When we arrive the photographer, Jim, greets us at the door with an expensive camera hanging from his neck and shoulders. He is obviously gay with a toned, tanned body and bare chested “Pam wants you to change into this,” he tells me as he hands me a skimpy silk dressing gown. “And Pam wants you to meet her in her dressing room Sarah.”
    “I am ready for you two men,” the photographer tells us few minutes later. For the first time today I site Peter. Just as I remember, he is a good looking and attractive man for both sexes, wearing an identical short dressing gown to mine. Neither of us has a belt for our gowns as they show glimpses of our sex and Jim commences taking pics.
    “Now you Pam and Sarah,” Jim calls out.
    They both are both naked apart from killer heels as they strut out holding hands with confident smiles. As always Sarah’s legs and ass look sensational as she enjoys three males ogling her body.
    Apart from her pics I had never seen Pam naked. Her body is an instant turn on for me. The same build as Sarah, better tits, her ass is not in Sarah’s league though, blond hair and contrasting trimmed black pubic hair at the top of wonderful long legs..
    The two women had obviously discussed and arranged for each of them to remove the men’s gowns. Sarah first, as she slides off Peter’s gown and slides her hands over his naked chest. Even flaccid he has a large, thick cock I notice.
    Pam follows suit and my gown drops to the floor before she slides her hands over my naked chest. Then she is sliding a hand along my semi-erection as Jim keeps taking pics.
    “Do you want what your lady is doing to my man?,” Sarah teases as she teases Peter’s flaccid cock with two fingertips as he ogles my now almost fully erect cock.
    “Yes, don’t stop,” he mutters as Sarah wraps a hand around his cock and slides it along his no longer flaccid ...