1. Excerpts From A Prisoners Diary: October

    Date: 4/1/2024, Categories: Non-consensual Sex Author: sweetjenny, Source: LushStories

    October 2015
    < News travels quickly in this place, bad news I found out travels quicker. The whispers and furtive, sideways looks at breakfast time told me that there have been a development. I could imagine what was being said, if I were in their position I would probably be thinking the same. Of course, they left it to the king to deliver her decision. >
    “Well, the lady called,” Dolan said, standing in front of my cell door with this contented, self-satisfied grin on his face, “not really a huge surprise under the circumstances.”
    “What did you tell her ?”
    “Oh, the truth. You wouldn’t want us to lie to her would you Christopher. She was given the details of what she will be expected to do for us, and what would happen to you if she refused. We told her that you have already done, that you have sucked a man’s cock, and that if she didn’t comply then soon you would be put to work as one of this prison's whores. Are you aware of the service that they provide ?” I was, or at least I had heard the rumours. Men who are taken down into the boiler room or into the shower block, there they are met by a gang of inmates, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Those who refuse are sometimes so badly beaten that they never return. Those who do bare the scars and disabilities for the rest of their lives.
    “What did she say ?” As I spoke, the words caught in my throat, and I clenched my fists in the vain hope of stemming the tears that were brimming on my eyelashes.
    “She isn’t stupid Christopher, of course, she agreed. I mean having seen your physical state how could she not. Over the years I have observed a certain pattern, and from what I have been told it appears your wife is no different. I have witnessed it so many times, it has no social barrier, from the lowest scrubber, to on one occasion a high court judge's wife. That was quite a spectacular transformation, Christopher, lady muck on her knees in the drawing-room, sucking on the cock of a black man. It seems to me that all the women go a little weak at the knees when they see what’s on offer. She may act coy at first, feel that she is above all the others and try to resist, but in the end, she will submit. I told you that she would move on, didn’t I? After this, she will never be the same.”
    I was numb and the part of my brain that registered relief for myself was crushed by the realisation of what it had cost. I could feel the eyes of every inmate on my wing judging me. They all knew the truth and what I had sacrificed to save my own skin, and the weeks that followed were as uncomfortable as any I had experienced there.
    I had no idea what might have happened to me if either Olivia had ignored the note, or hadn’t agreed to their demands, but I could imagine. I saw the fear in the eyes of so many here, their spirit broken both mentally and physically by the constant threat.
    < When the visitor's bell rang out again today, I didn’t want to leave my cell – how ...