1. "RUNAWAY" Chapter 13 "Consequences"

    Date: 4/1/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Discipline, BDSM Straight Sex Group Sex Humiliation Teen Written by Women Author: brokenwing, Source: sexstories.com

    As Holly was stepping out of the shower, only after running out of hot water, she heard the doorbell ring. Hearing that made her whole body tense worrying who might be showing up at her mom's home. She listened carefully and heard the door both open and close but after it closed she didn't hear any voices.
    But within a few minutes of hearing it close Roger opened the bathroom door, "Come with me" he ordered and with her following he turned and walked back to her mom and his bedroom. She followed behind him wrapped only in a towel and noticed he was carrying a black skirt of hers as well as her black high heel pumps and a medium sized cardboard box. When they got into his room he set the skirt on the bed, the shoes on the floor and then set the box on the bed as well.
    Immediately she noticed that the top of the box had been cut open. He reached in the box and pulled out a few bagged items. He looked at them and lifted them where he could see them but not clearly in her view until he found the item he wanted. First he opened a clear bag with thin sheer boy short panties. The white mesh material was a loose enough weave it was mostly see through.
    He set the panties down on the bed next to him as well as the skirt. He then once again reached into the box and pulled another clear bag out holding it up so he could see it. He then removed it from the bag and held it up so he could examine it. A subtle smile came to his face.
    He then pointed to the floor in front of the full length mirror and told her, "Stand there."
    She walked to where he had pointed and once again she could see herself in the mirror. Even though she had showered when she looked at her reflection her mind envisioned the nasty fluids still on her flesh.
    He grabbed and jerked hard removing the towel from around her leaving her standing there naked. He moved behind her slightly to one side looking at her in the mirror over her left shoulder.
    "Your bruises are beginning to heal. Can you tell" he said but then reached around her from each side taking hold of her breasts with both of his hands and squeezed then hard working his finger and thumb tips into the soft breast flesh.
    She let out a cry of pain as his hands gripped her breasts, "AAAAHHOOOOOOWWWW."
    She was in too much pain to notice but he let out an odd type of hum of satisfaction, "mmmmmuuuhhhmmm yes."
    When he let go of her breasts he grabbed hold of her neck with his right hand, her chin just in the crook at the base of his thumb and hand but the base of his hand by his pinky finger he used to press hard on her airway. By standing behind her he was able to squat enough to where her head would pull back over his shoulder.
    Roger delighted in the power and control he had to restrict or allow her to breath. He had been doing research on choke holds on the Internet and with their weight and height difference this position was working better then he hoped.
    His desire for dominance and degradation was ...