1. Omega

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Authoritarian BDSM Teen Hardcore, Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Slavery, Author: Katlyn, Source: sexstories.com

    Tyler moved his head, and the pounding sounded loud in his ears. Cold. Shivering he pulled his heavy limbs close and discovered why they were so heavy, Iron bracelets adorned his wrists and ankles, attached to a shiny silver chain made of hefty links. Eyes wide, he tried to remember. The walk home, the breeze on his face, the moon almost completely gone, the stars hidden by the city lights that surrounded him. There was a van parked and he remembered the passanger door opened and the blow came from nowhere just as the sliding door opened and that was the last thing he remembered. Tyler looked around. He flinched and closed his eyes as the bright lights blinded him. He tried again slower. Trees, leaves, rocks digging into him wherever he settled. He had been left in his boxers and a wife beater. Who would do this? Just as he started to look for someone to ask, blame, yell at…
    “Thud!” His side exploded in pain that radiated to the back. His body curled up instinctively and tried to move away from whatever caused the pain. Whoever it was did not care and he felt every twig, pebble, clump of dirt as he was dragged over them on the ground.
    “What do you want?” He was trying to think, who had he pissed off so much? What was going on. He tried to stay small and protect his organs, he had been in a street fight or two and sometimes the key was just to survive to fight another day. A voice from above spoke as a boot found his midsection and pushed and rolled almost as if getting a feel for the lay of the land.
    “He’s awake.”
    Slowly he opened his eyes and blinked at the bright lights, these were like construction worker lights, bright as fuck. The pounding in his head intensified. Hands grabbed him forcing him up.
    “Where am I?” He tried to shake off their grip on him.
    Smack! Pain radiated from his cheek to his ear as his head whipped to the side under the force of the speaker’s backhand.
    “Don’t speak unless spoken to, You stupid fuck!” The voice reverberating in Tyler’s ear drum was the same as before. He shook his head trying to clear his mind and figure things out. His hair was jerked mid shake. The man was not done. Tyler’s head was pulled back, his face warmed by the breath of the man pulling his hair. Tyler looked into his eyes and saw a dark place.
    “I bet you thought you would get away with it.” The man hissed and dropped the hair he had been using as a handle.
    Fear caused Tyler’s heart to race. He had done some bad stuff and he had no idea what this man was referring to, but he would find out and talk his way out, right? He had a success rate with talking himself out of sticky situations, this was not that much different he lied to himself.
    “Look man, what do you think I did? You have the wrong guy I am sure of it. Just let me go and we can forget all about this okay?” Tyler attempted to sound affronted, confused, yet confident while fishing for information.
    “Be quiet.”
    Tyler lost his balance as the hands that had ...