Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Blackmail, Non-consensual Sex Straight Sex Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: smokycat67, Source: sexstories.com

    Alexis was getting ready for work, she kept thinking, ‘How could she have gotten herself into this?’ She thought. She had cried the entire way home. In the shower, she had a rage attack, screaming and throwing the bottle of shampoo. But no amount of emotion could change it – she was WAY in over her head, and she knew it. She was in fact, trapped, and knew that she would have to face this, there was literally nowhere to run.
    As she dried herself, she viewed her butt in the mirror. No real bruising, but it was bright red. As she pressed the towel into her vagina, she remembered how it felt to be invaded, forced, and even degraded. She shook her head to rid her thoughts of the spot she found herself headed to. There was NO WAY a modern woman would enjoy that, NO WAY. So she forcibly shoved it from her mind.
    At that moment, her doorbell rang. Approaching the door slowly, she used the peephole to see it was a courier, holding a package . “What the world?” She said aloud, as she opened the door and signed off. For a moment, Alexis was again light headed. Inside was a note, &it read “you Will wear the underwear in this package today. Be aware that you will be meeting with myself and HR when you get here. John.” Her stomach turned as she opened the package. In it was a very nice, expensive royal blue pair of satin bikini panties with some light tan lace, and a matching bra. The panties rode high on the hip and left much of her butt exposed, & the bra was a bit undersize for her B-cup breasts, but Alexis knew, she would have to wear it. After all, for the moment, she was owned. She sighed, and got dressed.
    Alexis was met at the door by Janice from HR. Janice was a bit older, but knew how to play the game. She was always sharply dressed, and Alexis knew that this corporate crawler would offer her no help in her quest for freedom. “Alexis, this way.” Janice indicated, and they walked over to a separate elevator. Senior Managers had own floor, along with their own set of employees. Alexis had never been there, and was taken aback.
    John was waiting at this office, and held the door for them. Upon entering, Janet seemed almost too happy to comply with Johnathan Roberts wants, and was all false smiles and chuckles, obviously intimidated by him. In front of them, on a side wall of John’s office was a large platte/map, and other items pinned to the wall.
    I Let them settle in, then started the meeting. “OK Alexis, Janice, here is the thing. We are going to start the new Old River project. This will be the single largest development in our city ever, and Will be an influencer for decades. “ Janice chimed in “As will the people that built it.” I smiled. “Exactly. Janice, Alexis has some great skills that I think can be shown here, she is perfect for this role.” Turning to Alexis, and with a very straight face, I continued. “Alexis, I want you in on this team. We are going to need a manager here while I am at the site You’ll report to me. Janice will ...