Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Blackmail, Non-consensual Sex Straight Sex Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: smokycat67, Source: sexstories.com

    ... give you packet regarding this offer.”
    Alexis was taken aback. It was everything she wanted in her career. It was being handed to her…but at what price?
    “I’ll go get the paperwork, you two discuss details.” Janice said, and closed the door behind her.
    Alexis had stood up, and was just staring at the wall. Again, dumbfounded. Totally without words.
    Form my desk, I said, “OK, we both know you have wanted this. You work with me here, and you can be an influencer in this city. This is the chance you have always wanted Alexis. Rather than crush you, I would rather help to ‘develop’ you. “ Standing up, I walked over, and placing his hand on her stomach, I said, “I need to know…are you with me?”
    Alexis knew this was it, she was at a crossroads in her life. Deny this, as her mind told her she should, and have her future crushed. No modern woman should have to go thru this, yet here she was. On the other hand, accept her fate, the thought of which almost made her wretch, and her entire career would explode. Her choice, really, was clear. She looked at John and nodded. “At the end, I am free of this.” She said bluntly.
    “Good…Good…” John said softly. Changing to the same firm tone he used at the motel he said down low, “In this, you are mine, ALL mine, so make that clear.” Alexis nodded. “Janice will be back in a bit, but I need to know you are owned. Drop those pants…..now.”
    Alexis hated that she was being spoken to like this, yet a deep hidden part of her seemed to take over, and she found herself unbuttoning her slacks. Lowering them as far as her knees, she lifted her blouse a bit, showing the panties John had sent over.
    “Good woman, verrrry good…That blue color really suits you” John said, and slipped a hand into them.
    Feeling him tickle her pubic hair,Alexis instinctively said “No-..” But John cut her off.
    “Woman, there is no longer a no for you.” He said, grabbing a bit of pubic hair. Tugging on it, he said, you look me in the eye…Tell me there isn’t a no for you…say it.” As he did so, he began to tickle the area around her clit.
    “Th-there isn’t a no for me…Sir.” She said reluctantly. She found the heat in her loins strangely building as this man touched her. What was going on with her? Just as she was about to give a soft moan, John jerked his hand out of her panties, making the hemline snap against her flat tummy. He said bluntly “Pull those pants up woman, we have standards here.”
    Alexis had barely gotten dressed when Janet returned. Numbly, she and Janet went thru the paperwork. A good pay increase, a gas card for fuel, and a mall card as a clothing stipend. The total package was more than she ever considered. “Mr. Johnathan Roberts wants all female employees in skirts or dresses only. Professional attire, no more than a bit above the knee, no exceptions. Your new desk is over by the window. Mr. Roberts wanted you to have the best.”
    As Alexis sat at her desk, she kept her mind on work, and plugged away. Via ...