Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Blackmail, Non-consensual Sex Straight Sex Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: smokycat67, Source: sexstories.com

    ... the message account they all used, she noted she had a message. “We will be going to the work site. Be at the elevator in 10 minutes. J” Alexis sighed, giving in to her fate, and gathered her things.
    In the elevator, I said, “we are using my vehicle. I brought the truck.” As the elevator stopped, at the garage, I stopped Alexis from leaving, and added. “Yes, when are done here, you are free. You have my word, & I always keep my word, bar none.”
    Alexis had to smile at that. It the first time she had reason to, but it was an agreement, and she was damn-sure going to make him stick to it.
    I indicated the Bright Red dual cab Chevy Silverado Truck. Noting that she was walking differently since the elevator, I told my new piece of ass. “Windows are tinted. Once we clear cameras at the top of the garage, slide to the center.” I got in without addressing her any further.
    On the street, Alexis slid over as commanded, and buckled in. “You appeared to like my cock yesterday,” John told her. “you were trying to tell me you couldn’t take it, but trust me, you will learn to. Now unzip my pants as we go, reach in my boxers, and I want you to pull out that cock.”
    Alexis had a very distressed look, but once out, again she noticed it’s width.
    “Describe what you have in that hand, woman” I said, as I continued to drive, making no apparent expressions as to what was going on.
    “It is THICK” Alexis said, “not circumcised, and really warm.” She had to give it a small squeeze, then continued. “it is not the longest I have seen,” Alexis admitted, her face flushing from embarrassment, “But it is a good length.”
    John smiled, appreciating her honesty. Despite having this woman handling his cock, he seemed perfectly in control of the truck. “Well you damn-sure took it like you liked it.” he said,
    His comment made Alexis tuck her chin in embarrassment. Handling it had made her thighs quite warm, and she found her mouth oddly watering. Why? She thought, she HATED the thought of sucking cock, it was so…demeaning. Yet, this was somehow different.
    “Put my cock away woman, we are almost there. Be careful with it, and then and get on your damn side of the truck.” I warned her. Once past the gate, they pulled up to a red work trailer. Showing her in, I told her “This is going to be my alternate office. When I call you, you will come here. Otherwise, you are to stay in the main office.”
    Alexis had just noticed that the blinds were all closed when John said, “OK woman, drop those pants, and bend over that couch, I want to inspect that ass I got yesterday"
    At his bark, Alexis found herself dropping her pants and bending over the couch. But why? WHY didn’t she do what any feminist would do, and stand up to this man? WHY was she allowing herself to be treated like this, like some kind of mindless piece of meat? She realized it was partly from fear, but again Alexis had to admit, there was something that she found unsettlingly, powerfully erotic in all ...