Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Blackmail, Non-consensual Sex Straight Sex Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: smokycat67, Source: sexstories.com

    ... this, allowing herself to be dominated as she was. She was snapped out of this thinking by John’s touch. He ran his hand over her shapely ass, in a smooth, light way. Alexis said, in a meek voice, “Sir, please don’t hit me, I-I haven’t done anything wrong. I even wore..”
    “Yes-Yes, I see that have worn what I instructed,” I replied. “Woman, understand, I take care of what is mine. I wanted to make sure that this ass was as incredible as when I saw it yesterday…and it is.” I said, with a big smile. Sliding my hands over those perfect cheeks, I moved up, and carefully, yet firmly, I began to massage her hips, wondering at this perfect satin-covered ass.
    Alexis found herself looking back at him and responding “Th-thank you Sir,” and instantly, a wave of relief washed over her. It changed to dread though, as she felt John’s fingers exploring her panty line. She did not want him to know that being forced to hold his cock was arousing to the point of wetness. ”I must not let him know, I must not..” and even though she tried to clench her legs together, her body relaxed at his touch, especially the massage. As John’s fingers began to rub small circles on her panty-clad pussy, she couldn’t help it…she moaned.
    I smiled and had a quiet chuckle. Her body was now betraying her, and at my command, so everything was going better than I had hoped! I could feel the dampness in the panties I bought, on the ass that I now owned, so I hooked her panties under my fingers and pulled them out and to the side. I was pleased to see that my sex toy groaned in response. Taking the miniature ‘bullet’ vibrator out of my pocket, I put in in her hand, turned it on, & whispered “use it” as I began plunging my fingers rapidly in and out of the pussy I now owned.
    Again, Alexis couldn’t help it. The feeling of His fingers plunging in and out of her as she moved the vibrator on her clit was making her whimper loudly. He now tugged her panties down just below her ass, and the effect of them ‘restraining’ her from opening her legs was oddly satisfying. But what pushed her over the top was when this damn man pinched her nipple thru her clothes and, while tugging and twisting on it, whispered for her to cum. She couldn’t help it, Alexis Wash lost control and, clamping her eyes shut, she tried to be as quiet as she could as she had an incredible orgasm. It lasted a solid 10 seconds of shaking and grunting. The ‘restraint’ he seemed to place on her made it that much more intense, and after, she lay over the couch, limp.
    My P.O.A. (Piece of Ass) had done everything I wanted, so after wiping my hand on a towel, with care I pulled her sexy panties up, & got her moving. But not before I whipped out my phone and got a quick pic of her panties down, over the couch, her twat glistening. Great stuff. I helped POA to the attached bathroom, reminding her there was a mirror on the back of the door, and to get ready, as we had a site meeting in only 20 minutes, tops.
    Alexis sat a ...