1. Rump poem

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Poems, Author: Arturs, Source: LushStories

    Dancing my body, a sacred serpent
    My rump needs some love, love, love
    My asshole looks at my men and says,
    "Come, come, come, both of you my loves."
    "Come to me together, lick me together."
    This asshole was not meant for just one mouth
    It is a place for all my loves
    To breathe in my essence
    To taste and breathe in my soul
    All of you can share my dark love-hole
    I want the saliva of my men
    To mix at my butthole
    My tastes and juices flow into your mouths
    Mixed with each others' saliva
    Flowing from me to you
    Taste my soul
    Be consumed by it
    I am your fountain of life
    Honey from my hairy forest fountain
    Musky, ethereal magic
    From my tight, deep vortex
    Lick my asshole together
    Taste my eternal vortex
    The dark, glittery ether of my soul
    Taste it and know it
    Make me yours, together
    Let my naughty life, flow through you
    Taste and eat my ass
    Let its essence fill and enter your body
    So that each and every one of your cells
    Knows its home in my taste and in my love
    I want both your dicks in my sacred, hairy mound
    Both of your dicks, slimy in the smell of my fountain
    My pussy will make you both bisexual
    And it will be fun, fun, fun
    After you've both been tasting my bum, bum, bum
    You'll both want to share your love, love, love
    You love me, but love doesn't have eyes
    Or distinction
    If you both love me
    Your hearts won't be able to tell the difference
    When you're both making love to me, inside my pussy
    You love me
    But your hearts cannot help but to love the whole experience
    Not just me, but each other
    My boys
    Bathe in my fountain of pee
    And explore my brown eye of love