1. Rachel Gets Her Fuck On

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byMomconfessionals, Source: Literotica

    So, my name is Rachel and I've been divorced for 6 months. I am 41 and have two kids, 18, and 15. My husband and I just lost attraction for one another and he was obsessed with work. It wasn't a nasty divorce but still difficult to adjust to single life.
    I want to be single for a period of time before I begin another relationship. Nineteen years of marriage is a lot, but, my vibrator can only do so much. A mom has needs and to be honest, my ex did nothing for me in the bedroom. He was boring and he had a small pee pee, lol.
    I've always been turned on by younger guys. Although, I have a reputation as a good girl and a stereotypical first grade teacher, I've always been turned on by the ass hole bully type. I love the take charge attitude and in movies they're usually super hot. I never stepped out on my marriage, but, I've had naughty thoughts I kept between my self and close friends.
    My friend Tanya, urged me to try online dating and downloaded tinder to my iPhone. It caught my curiosity, so I loaded my info and took some cute pics.
    I started swiping and saw some hotties! Then, I saw a familiar face. Jordan was four years older than my son in and was a star athlete. He bullied my son and was a pure ass hole. He harrassed my sons girlfriend at the time and when my son stood up to him he beat him up. To make things worse, Jordan hooked up with my sons girlfriend and sent him videos of him fucking her.
    When we met in the principals office he was cocky and refused to apologize.
    He starred at my tits the whole time. Secretly, I was turned on. I watched the video, Jordan was hung, like porno star hung. He had a six pack and a penis v. Not to mention, he knew how to fuck. He made my then husband look like a lil boy in pampers. I was devastated for my son but also turned on. I may or may not have thought about him when using my vibrator, lol.
    With that said, he has grown up and became even sexier. His picture was shirtless and he had the body of a God. His 6'6 stature, sic pack abs, and massive bulge in his shorts wiuld make any woman wet. His pics made me hot in my panties. I wanted to reach for my vibrator. His blonde wavy hair and piercing blue eyes were stunning. Before I could swipe left, Tanya quickly swiped right.
    Tanya said, "girl, it's been four years, plus he's an adult now." She told me she overheard her daughter and her friend talking one night. Her friend said he was at least 10 inches and he made her cum 8 times before he did.
    Tanya held my hand and said, "Rachel, you need some dick and this guy has plenty of dick! You saw him on that video, you can't tell me you wouldn't squat your twat on that big dick." I replied, "girl, you know I would." Tanya laughed and said, "get your fuck on, girl."
    I didn't want an awkward conversation and didn't want my son or others to find out. Then, I thought he'll never swipe right for an old, out of her prime woman like me. I'm a bit chubby after two kids but I still got my ...