1. Sheila's Invitation Pt. 04

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byMaggiesfan, Source: Literotica

    Sheila continued panting as she took a large gulp of wine.
    'How do you know this stuff Louise? I'm old enough to be your mum and I've given birth. But I've never been around my body like that.'
    Louise shrugged, her breasts falling onto her chest. 'It's my body and I wanted to know how it worked. So I started with a torch and mirror and started examining myself.'
    Sheila slid onto the carpet from the sofa and cuddled up to me. Holding my flaccid organ in her hand.
    'After a while you start to see what reaction you get to different stimulus. Boys have it easy. Everything is outside and goes up and down. Girls have to delve a lot furthur. Didn't you when you were a teenager?'
    'God no, ' replied an interested Sheila, ' flicking my bean was as far as it got. I was a virgin when I married at 20. My wedding night was a big surprise. Literally. Since then it's been a bit of oral and a bit of straight sex. Nothing like this. Simon, how did you cope?'
    I explained about my first fumblings. Lack of erection and what do with it. Then being taken under Elaine's wing at 18. How she was 8 years older than me and wanted sex on demand. How she guided me around a womans sex organs and what to do with them. With plenty of practical home work. I was with her for 6 months and still thanked her..
    Louise then regaled us of her times spent on Nottingham railway station talking with the prostitutes. About how her virginity could have been worth £ 5000. About aids and prosthetics and how it was a hard life.
    My cock was starting to swell under Sheila's ministrations. I reached around and kissed her. Louise made a suggestion,
    'How about joining Simon in a shoe job?' Louise suggested.
    Sheila looked confused, 'but I haven't got a cock.'
    Louise explained that she did have 3 other orifices rhat could take a heel or even a shoe.
    The ladies chose their shoes of choice. Sheila with the black patent sandals and Louise with the pink ones.
    They rolled on to their backs and displayed their vaginas and arseholes. Louise struck first, inserting the 4 inch heel into her shaven organ. She started pulling it in and out. Rubbing her erect clit on each thrust. Her tits were in her armpits now and she orgasmed gently. Sheila decided on a different method. She put the tip of the heel into her anus and pushed firmly. It slid in easily and she left herself impaled as she started masturbating herself. Louise noticed and rolled around to assist Sheila's actions. I'll say this, Louise wanked Sheila to climax swiftly, leaving the heel in her arse. After climaxing Louise drew it out and Sheila sighed.
    'That was amazing, ' Sheila said, kissing Louise on the mouth and groping her boobs.
    'It's getting late, ' Louise announced, ' but I've saved the best for last. If you don't want to take part I understand as it's a bit niche..
    I looked at Sheila and she at me. Then we looked expectantly at Louise, taking in her amazing body and scent.
    'It's scat time. ...