1. Extreme Cuckolding Pt. 03

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byJennySW26, Source: Literotica

    Thank you all for your comments. I'll try to improve my writing.
    I realise cuckolding isn't to everyone's taste, and there are aspects of it that I took a while to understand, (you'll see below when I tell you about Trent.) All I can say is I know Richard likes it, and yes I like it too. I'm actually left in wonder sometimes at the joy on his face when I tell him things, and the way he gets so excited.
    We have had disasters along the way, and I'll be writing about those times to.
    There was something that I had never realised until Richard mentioned it. He said I had never sucked him off. I thought I must have done, but he told me it had always ended up in us fucking. When I thought about it I couldn't remember having ever swallowed him. I said I would, and I was quite happy to do so, but he said not yet. While this was nothing to do with cuckolding, it soon became part of it.
    Richard's boss's son Trent who I had met a few times became my next man, and between you and me, after Kelvin, Trent was top of my list. We still fuck now and he has had me more than any other guy.
    (Oh just a last bit on Kelvin, he had got himself a regular girlfriend, and he was really into her. We actually went out as a foursome. While I think about it, and I have got Richard to confirm this, Kelvin and Richard never mentioned to each other about me having sex with Kelvin.)
    Trent was a few years older than us he was 24 at that time. He had actually gone out with Richard's stepsister Tanya for a while. Tanya and Trent got together when Richard and Trent played football in the same team; Trent saw Tanya watching, asked her out, and so on.
    As far as most people, or most men were concerned, and Richard, Trent was a bit of an asshole, but a likeable one. I had met him a few times, and once he asked me for a kiss to see if we could make Richard jealous. That was the type Trent was, especially when he had drunk a few. He was good looking and most girls liked him, because he always had money, and bought everyone drinks. He had the latest phone and a great car. Richard had told me Trent would flit between one girl and the next, and he didn't understand why girls were attracted to him. I guess you had to be a woman to understand the attraction to Trent.
    Trent was on our no list, but I would tease Richard about how Trent flirted with me. Richard asked me if I really fancied Trent. I admitted I did, and he said okay fine see what happens. I mentioned Trent being one of the guys Richard said he didn't want fucking me. He said I could, and deep down it would turn him on. He said the fantasies I made up about fucking Trent, had really got to him, and it had been a few months since my last time with Kelvin. I didn't intend doing anything with Trent, because I wasn't sure Richard really meant it, but then it happened.
    Trent came round to pick up some papers from Richard; Richard was in Spain on his stag weekend. I knew he hadn't invited Trent to go with ...