1. Extreme Cuckolding Pt. 03

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byJennySW26, Source: Literotica

    ... concentrated on swallowing. It felt like there was loads of it. I just seemed to be swallowing and swallowing.
    "Did you like that?" he asked when I had finished.
    I was still looking up at him from the floor in my wedding dress. I told him I did, and I just circled my tongue round his cock. He was smiling down at me, but it was this sort of sexy arrogant smile. I just fell for it, and started kissing his cock and balls again. I felt nervous because of the way he was looking at me, but I felt so turned on because of it too. Oh on the arrogant thing. I like the way some men are arrogant, but some I've had didn't know how to use it properly, and they were a disappointing turn off, Trent I'm happy to say wasn't.
    He pushed me back a little, and then held his hands down. I put my hands in his, and he pulled me up. He told me to get the papers for him, which I thought was strange because they were right there on the coffee table next to him. I picked them up and held them out to him. He didn't take the papers; instead he asked if he should come back tomorrow evening to collect them. I knew what he was asking. I just mumbled, "Yes please."
    Honestly I cringe even now at the way I said please.
    He told me he would be round at 6, and I could cook for him. I just stood there feeling my heart pounding. He said he wanted candles and me looking sexy for him, he said he wanted me to make a real effort. He asked me in this weird demanding but soft tone if I had got all that. I nodded. He said he would bring wine and asked what I liked. Like I said above, arrogant, but asking what wine I wanted I thought was really nice.
    I walked him to the door; he turned and asked me if I was glad he never went on Richard's stag do. I can remember saying yes, but my voice was shaking as well as my body. He said we'll see tomorrow night. He kissed my cheek and gave me a sexy smile. I've never been one to get flummoxed with the opposite sex, but Trent had me under his spell, and now I had sucked him off he seemed even surer of himself. Like I said men might not get that but I'm sure some women will.
    He left and I swear I just hitched up my wedding dress, touch my pussy, and came on the spot. Is that what a Bull can do to a girl?
    Tanya had told me little bits about Trent, she said he had this sort of dominant streak, but she didn't like it, and once they had tried it out, but she wouldn't do it again. She never told me much more than that. She said he had changed from the first few times they went out, and she hated the way he seemed to know every girl they came across. She never said it was why she stopped dating him, but Tanya never seemed the sort to be into kinky things.
    I didn't tell Richard about Trent straight away. I let it slide for a couple of days, and then I told him I had sucked Trent off, and we had fucked. I was vague with certain details on purpose. I might never have brought it up again, but Richard said Trent was being friendly to him at ...