1. Extreme Cuckolding Pt. 03

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byJennySW26, Source: Literotica

    ... work, and he seemed to be angling for dinner with us one night. He said he thought Trent was after me, and he asked me if I wanted Trent to fuck me again. I was scared about telling Richard that Trent had come round a second time, and that was when he fucked me, because I really didn't think he would like hearing how I had made dinner for Trent, but I just ended up blurting it out. I told him, Trent had come round to pick up the papers, and that was when I sucked him off, and then he came back the next night, we had dinner, and that was when we fucked. I asked Richard if he was cross, he said he was, but only because I had kept it back.
    I told Richard when I had sucked Trent off I was wearing my wedding dress. Again I was waiting for Richard to go mad, but he loved it. He said the thought of me cheating with Trent, while I was wearing my wedding dress, was beyond even his kinky imagination. (Please remember at this stage I was still finding out about how far Richard wanted me to go cuckolding him.)
    Richard said, "I want details like you having dinner with Trent, it's the details like that which adds even more to what happened."
    To say I was relieved is an understatement. Richard cuddled me and I cried. I cooked dinner and everything seemed to be back to normal. We cuddled on the couch, and then went to bed.
    Richard said he wanted to hear all about me sucking Trent again. He asked me if I enjoyed cooking for Trent, I just nodded. Richard told me to save the bit about dinner until later. He said it was perfect, me having dinner with Trent, and it was me getting back at him for leaving me to go on a stag weekend.
    Richard said as for our "no list," there wasn't one anymore.
    I asked him, "Do you really want Fat Jake fucking me?"
    He said it was up to me, but he liked the idea of me seducing Jake. We fucked, and Richard asked me to call him Jake, so I did. I could see how it turned him on, and okay this was just a fantasy. For the first time I think, or the first time I can remember mentioning getting pregnant, I said, "you'll have to pull out Jake; I'm not on the pill."
    Richard didn't stop, he told me, "you show off your legs too much Jenny, and that is why I'm giving you my baby."
    Richard came, and he started kissing me. We cuddled and lay silently for quite a time, each with our own thoughts. Richard told me he loved the little fantasies, and hoped I wasn't cross that he liked the idea of Fat Jake fucking me. I made a bit of thing about it, I kissed Richard, and said, "Do you see how far I'd go to get Trent fucking me again, I'd even have sex with Fat Jake!"
    We actually laughed about it, but here's the thing. That fantasy about Fat Jake grew, until I did have sex with him. That'll be in another part.
    So Richard asked me to write about my dinner with Trent, which happened while he was on his stag weekend. He said he would arrange the dinner that Trent had been angling for, and then he would back out at the last minute, ...