1. Extra-Curricular - Part 6

    Date: 4/2/2024, Categories: Non-consensual Sex Author: Jaymal, Source: LushStories

    Your sins will find you out … Hell, and sometimes they’ll bite you full on the ass. Mandy knew that the green micro-bikini was not a coincidence. She had no clear recollection of having told Gavin about it, but maybe she had mentioned Mandy Summers at some point during their reckless evening, provided enough information for him to track down the photos online; the swimwear he had located was virtually identical to that from which she had stripped during her bygone shoot. Christ, he must have had a fucking boner when he purchased it, one from which, looking at his straining trouser crotch, he had not yet recovered.
    She was still smarting from having to prepare the show house—adjust the thermostat, set the mood-lighting and arrange music on the stereo—in bikini and heels, while he watched her silently, the ghost of a smile on his lips. He had even made her put the coat back on so she could carry out a grand unveiling for his bloody nephew and poor Christina. The expression on the girl’s face when the coat had come off … She hadn’t known where to look, and so she just stared. And now it fell to Amanda had to prep the girl, in the same scant costume, for what was next. She grabbed the champagne bottle, her only support in the circumstances.
    “Have another glass,” she said, and brooked no refusal when they were huddled, semi-shielded in a corner of the kitchen. “Go on, get that down. It’ll help, trust me.” She watched as Christina gulped the sparkling liquid, spluttering in reaction.
    “Okay, honey?”
    “Bubbles went up my nose. Sorry.”
    “That’s okay. Take it slowly, but drink it.”Bloody hell … The girl’s sex appeal was indirectly proportionate to her street smarts. No wonder Josh had wanted to fuck her again so much, all that gauche eroticism she gave off at every turn she took. Had Amanda ever been this clueless? Possibly, but her sense of adventure hadn’t been restricted by a dull boyfriend. She had learnt quickly. Well, Christina with her dizzy-blonde vibe and her boob-enhancing cocktail dress was going to learn damned quickly tonight, that was for sure.
    “Good,” she said, when her hapless student had knocked back another half-glass on her insistence. She drank swiftly from her own glass. “We’ve been a pair of silly girls, haven’t we?”
    “Yes Miss.” Christina’s voice was mournful, but she sounded comforted to be stuck in the mess with her teacher. “Oh God, how did this happen? What are we going to do?”
    “What we have to.” There was no time here for drama and schoolgirl nonsense—some straight-talking was required. “Christina, look at me.” The student did, no doubt relieved to avert her gaze from her teacher’s stacked bosom. Her eyes were blue and beautiful and sparkling from the beginning of tears. She was a little stunner in that dress. “We know what got us into this,” Amanda told her, “and it’s the same thing that’s going to get us out. No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’. I’ve thought it through, believe me, and they’ve got us where they want us. ...