1. Pigtails

    Date: 4/3/2024, Categories: Fetish Anal Author: Princess577, Source: xHamster

    Blue and white polka dot dress, long black socks, black choker and pigtails. I spend a long time getting ready and making myself feel pretty.The doorbell rings. My heart starts pounding in my chest and I have a huge grin on my face. I open the door and smile at daddy. Without saying a word, he comes inside and i drop to my knees. We both frantically undo his belt and his jeans and briefs come down. I look up at him through my thick layered eye make-up (daddy insisted i wear lots of mascara for him). I take his already hard cock in my mouth... I've been dying for this all day. I suck hard and deep, feeling him stretch open my throat. He tells me how much of a good girl I am. I feel so special and love being his little princess. He pulls out his phone and gets his timer ready to see how long his babygirl can keep his cock in her throat. I love this game! I force my mouth all the way down his length until my face is pushing into his stomach. He starts the timer. I grab his legs to force myself to stay in the same position. If feels incredible being so intimate with him. I can feel my pussy soaking my panties. I stay there for as long as i can manage but i am struggling to breathe properly. Daddy is so impressed when i eventually pull away, gasping for air. 'Well done baby! You managed 27 seconds'. Every time he praises me I get a tingle in my pussy. All I can think about is beating my time next time. Daddy suddenly grabs my pigtails and forces his cock deep and starts fucking my mouth. Coughing and spluttering, I make a mess over his dick and down my chin. He pulls the straps to my dress down, revealing my bra. 'Look at me princess and put your hands behind your back.' I know this game... I look at him as his cock is pounding my mouth. I look down by accident and receive a hard slap across my face. I instantly feel my pussy soak my panties. I look at him again and he gives me the sexiest smile I have ever seen. I smile at him whilst having my mouthful and i let out a little giggle. This moment couldn't be anymore perfect. I look down... SLAP! His hand across my face reminds me that he is in control, that I am his. This drives me even wilder and i purposefully look away another two times and receive two hard blows. I feel so sexy as he is looking down smiling at my makeup smudged and mess filled face. I want daddy's cum so bad. But he won't let me have it so easily. Instead he takes me upstairs and tells me to lie on my back with my head just off the edge of the bed. He pushes himself deep into my mouth and throat again... only this time I am stuck and can't pull away. He leans forward and pulls my panties apart to see my smooth pussy. 'You have such a pretty pussy baby girl'. Flutterbys.. I start choking and he pulls out letting me breathe. He spots my dummy on the bedside table and puts it in my mouth for a few seconds before removing it and pushing it into my pussy. He covers it with my panties to hold it in place. I am so horny I feel like I will ...