1. Using My Attributes for My Pleasure Ch. 04

    Date: 4/3/2024, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: bysueshows, Source: Literotica

    The coming weekend was all Sid could think about. We made reservations at a hotel in Louisville that I had stayed at two years before. I remembered its enclosed courtyard with doors and windows opening from inside the yard. I had visited there on a date weekend and thought how wonderful it would be if my date were into voyeur/exhibitionism. Sadly, he wanted to ensure we got all the sights at the state fair.
    After telling Sid he was as antsy as I had ever seen him, I added I had made sure we had a room on the first floor. "Imagine, Honey, you are sitting in the courtyard, having a drink while I tease the others there."
    "Baby, this could be the best. Damn, I wish we had got together ten years ago,"
    "Sid, you would have tired of me by now, and I would worry every time you left without me whether or not you were looking for other excitement. We have to make the best of what we have. I'm delighted with this."
    Tuesday after work, we went to a lounge for appetizers and drinks. It was part of a hotel near the country club, and we found many men stopping there before going home. Also, women were looking for hookups.
    I wore a black blouse with a short black skirt closed by buttons down the front to work with my 4" black heels. The dress was tight enough to show the curve of my butt, which I managed to put extra sway on when we walked in.
    We found a high-top table that gave us a view of the bar and most of the table area. My blouse was one I had purchased recently in my search for clothing I could alter to expose myself. A sheer black blouse contained my breasts.
    We watched the men approach and flirt with the women as we sat and chatted. Hell, I could learn from a few of these ladies. All were in their thirties, topping at what we guessed to be mid-forties. All were sporty, and a few wore outfits that revealed their cleavage.
    "Do you come here often, Baby?" I asked Sid.
    I've only been here a couple of times while playing golf. It always has a similar crowd." Sid replied.
    "And you're telling me you couldn't find a woman here to match your desires? Bullshit! In comparison, most of these women will give me a run for the money."
    "None of them danced up to me with the boobs displayed and moving wildly. Baby, you're exactly what I want, and no one can compare to your attitude and sexiness."
    "Good answer. Would you be offended if I went to the ladies' room and removed my bra? I can stop at the bar and chat with a few men on the way back. If you're OK with that."
    "I would love it. You have to be the hottest woman in here."
    "Thank you. This blouse will be sheer enough to get some stares. Now, it's show time!"
    I entered the restroom and freshened my make-up. Stepping into a stall, I removed my bra and put it in my purse. Returning to the mirror, I was disappointed that the blouse wasn't as thin as I expected. My nipples were outlined by not being exposed.
    I called Sid and asked if he could see anyone he wanted in ...