1. Games Night With The Neighbors (Part One)

    Date: 4/5/2024, Categories: Cuckold Author: story_teller23, Source: LushStories

    This is an event that took place a few months ago involving me, my girlfriend Leah, and our two neighbors, Kayley and Josh. This is all true, and I have plenty of other stories coming up that involve me and my girlfriend and our adventures.
    A little bit about us both: my girlfriend is twenty-five, super cute (5' 3"), blonde, with nice size boobs and a sexy ass, and enjoys keeping herself in good shape. She works out a lot and always gets looks in the gym and in public. I am twenty-seven, brown hair, five, eleven" and enjoy the gym as well and keep myself in good shape. We met in a bar when we were out with friends and immediately hit it off. Leah is a quiet girl who keeps herself to herself and is usually very shy in social situations with new people. Overall, we have been together for three years and live a happy life.
    We moved to a quiet little town just on the outskirts of the city and have lived there for about a year now. When we first moved, we didn’t have any friends in this area, so we found ourselves staying in the house quite a lot on weekends. Where we live consists of a row of eight houses on a quiet street. We are the end house, which means we only get one set of neighbors. Recently, our old neighbours moved out, and we saw our new neighbours being shown the house a few months before they moved in.
    On the day they moved in, we went outside and introduced ourselves. There were just two of them, married, both thirty-four, and their names are Kayley and Josh. Kayley immediately caught my eye; she was small, had blonde hair and nice-sized boobs, and was wearing a short floaty dress that showed off her fantastic legs. Josh looked like any other normal guy; he had brown hair, was probably about six feet tall, and seemed quite reserved when we introduced ourselves, much the opposite of his wife.
    We left them to unpack and get settled, as we could see they had many boxes to unload from the car and looked quite stressed about everything. The next day, which was Saturday, I decided to go round to our new neighbours with a bottle of wine and welcome them to the area, offering if they needed anything to come and knock. Immediately upon opening the door, Kayley gave a warning smile and thanked us so much for the little gift.
    Fast forward a few weeks later. After not seeing much of our neighbours through the week, my girlfriend and I decided to have a games night and a few drinks on Friday evening. It was only eight in the evening when we heard a knock at the door; this was quite unusual for us, as no one ever knocks. It was Josh and Kayley.
    "Hey, do you guys want to come round to our house for a few drinks? We are bored and don’t really have much to do," Kayley asked in a voice you really couldn’t say no to.
    My girlfriend Leah said, before I even had a chance to open my mouth, "How about you guys come to us? We are just having a games night, and if you bring some alcohol, we can make it into a party."
    They both agreed to ...