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    “This is one of my favourites, very erotic. Would you like to share me like that, she is around our age,” Sarah asked with a sexy smile as we both admired the painting. A most attractive woman, naked apart from her heels was standing, legs spread as a naked man was licking her cunt lips while another man was tongue kissing her. For both men, no hand contact with the woman, only their lips.
    “Tempting, very tempting, you know your turn on is my turn on,” I told her as I fantasized about sharing my lady with another man in those circumstances.
    “Look at this one Sarah, they have switched, positions,” I told her aroused as the man who had been tongue kissing her was having his large cock sucked by the same man while the lady tongue kissed him. “Would you like to share me like that, he is around our age?”
    “What are your preferences?,” someone behind us asked.
    “I love being licked and teased,” Sarah replied so turned on by the paintings she sub-consciously told him her sexual preferences.
    “I would love to acomodate your preferences,” he told her confidently as we looked each other over. “These paintings are all mine, you might recognise some of subjects,” he told us. “You can call me Wil, the name I sign on my paintings. When I sign my paintings I always elongate the l in Wil, too subtle for some people to appreciate.”
    “Let me tell you the names of some of the people in my paintings and the circumstances,” he told us as he walked us around the gallery, with a hand brushing Sarah’s ass.
    “Did you find my paintings erotically arousing?,” he asked us as he looked at Sarah for a reaction in the coffee shop.
    “You know we did,” she told him with an inviting smile.
    “I have a waiting list of couples who want me to paint them,” he told us as Sarah was hanging on to his every word. “If I was to paint you two, what pose would you prefer?,” he asked with a wicked smile.
    “Perhaps posing like the people in that painting we admired the most earlier,” Sarah told him full of confidence. “Naked apart from my heels, standing with my legs spread as a new man was licking my cunt lips while my man was tongue kissing me. For both men, no hand contact with me, only their lips.
    “You are a very exciting woman Sarah, I love the way you can articulate matters sexual so confidently without any embarrassment,” he smiled as Sarah crossed and recrossed her legs for him.
    “I had an unfortunate accident around eight-years ago,” he told us. “I am impotent, I can’t get it up, so I sublimate my sex drive through my paintings. Though a side benefit is I have highly developed cunnilingus skills now,” he told us he showed us the stud on his tongue. “And blow job skills,” he smiled at me as he looked at my crutch.
    “Would you?,” Sarah whispered cryptically, referencing the question we always ask ourselves when considering potential sexual partners: would you be comfortable receiving or giving twenty-minutes of oral sex to that person?.
    “Yes,” I whispered ...