1. Coming Home

    Date: 4/8/2024, Categories: Cuckold Author: davey006, Source: LushStories

    Why hello, baby! So, you did wait up for me after all! You kept your promise. I really didn’t know whether you would or not. Just wait! Wait for me to get in! Let me shut the door and put my bag down first. Just wait. Keep your hands to yourself. Hands off. We have plenty of time for that. Let me get settled first.
    Ah that’s better. Nice and comfy in my chair. As you can imagine I’m worn out. I’m aching all over…especially down here. He left quite the present for you. Do you want to see it? I thought you would. A lovely, thick pile of creamy cum. You know, it’s still oozing out of me. I can feel it trickle between my legs. My pussy hair is so fucking damp. It feels all matted and stuck together, so fucking slimy. Yes, you can have a taste but all in good time. Let me see that hard cock of yours first. Hmmm, hard already. That looks nice. A solid and dependable six inches, quite thick too. But, you know, it is barely anything compared to his. Remember that picture I showed you of his dick? Well, it’s even better in real life. Must have been close to ten inches and so fucking thick. Girth is as important as length, you know?
    That’s it. Start wanking that cock for me. But, do it slowly. Very slowly. Make it last. You don’t want to finish too early. Yes, that's a good pace. Now suck a little of that precum. Taste good? Hmm, looks like it does. I’m tempted to have a taste myself but I’ve already gorged on a lot of cum tonight.
    So are you ready to hear all about it? You want all of those gory, minute details that you love so much? Ok, settle in. Keep that cock in your hand…
    He was already at the restaurant when I got there and like a true gentleman he stood up when I arrived. I could see him looking me up and down and he complimented me on this dress. I just love the way it clings to my ass and I think he did too. He looked and smelled so good, such big shoulders and well over six feet tall. His hair was just slightly disheveled and I could see his pecs through his shirt.
    We held hands over dinner and I could feel him rubbing his feet against my leg. You know how flirty I get. I was running my hands through my hair and giggling at all of his jokes. I even did ‘that walk’ when I went to the bathroom. I wanted to make sure that his eyes were glued to my ass as I walked away from the table.
    Now, when I came back, I kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, ‘I’m not wearing my knickers anymore.’ He could barely contain his smile and he bit his lip mockingly and shook his head, grinning.
    I stared into his eyes and grabbed his hand under the table. His smile spread as I guided his long fingers towards my sopping mound. Following my lead, he slid two fingers into my box and I let out such a heavy sigh. He was an expert. God, he was such an expert. I loved the way he teased my clit with his thumb as he thrust two thick fingers into me. He hooked them slightly and pulled them toward him, rubbing all the time against my g-spot. We continued ...