1. Night of the Cuck, Day of the Bi - Tom Visits the Robinsons

    Date: 4/11/2024, Categories: Cuckold Author: Maturetasty69, Source: LushStories

    A lot had happened that summer weekend. Ann Robinson had successfully seduced her daughter’s boyfriend, Dave. In doing so, she had enjoyed marathon sex sessions with him that were only ended in order to make time for her next lover, Tony. And Tony was an amazing fuck as well.
    Meanwhile, while he and Debbie were out of town that same weekend visiting his mom, Millie, Joe Robinson had met a woman he had attended high school with. He and Christine had hooked up for a night and an afternoon of amazing sex. Their attraction was so strong that somehow it blossomed into an unlikely love.
    And while at grandma’s house, sixteen-year-old Debbie had discovered a hidden stash of porn magazines, and had spent her nights reading them and looking at the pictures until she masturbated herself to orgasm after orgasm. After all that, she cravedactual sex, with areal guy doing with her what she saw the couples in the magazines did. Unfortunately, back at home, her own mom had seduced her boyfriend, and this was going to impact her chances of having sex with him.
    When Joe and Debbie returned home, Ann was a bit of a changed woman. Joe couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something was different. She was definitely more relaxed, and happier. Even pleasant. Ann sensed something had changed in Joe as well, he was more aloof, and just didn’t seem to care about what she did. He didn’t even seem inclined to argue with her.
    Finally, when they were both alone, Ann confronted Joe about his new attitude. Joe told her that he didn’t care what she did anymore. She could play her sexual games and have all the lovers she wanted if that was what it took to make her happy. He was tired of living with a sad, depressed woman. His only request was that she hide her infidelity from their daughter.
    Then he said somethingvery unusual, and totally out of character for him, “I don’t even care if you have your lovers over when I’m home, as long as Debbie isn’t here. I’m done with jealousy. Fuck ‘em all you want. Hell, maybe I’d even watch you fuck them just for fun. But I want to be treated as good in bed as you treat them.”
    This troubled and puzzled Ann. Was it true? Maybe he was just trying to ruin the thrill she got from sneaking around. What would he think if he saw her fucking another guy?
    This was just too much to process. It would take some time to figure out their new open relationship. It was crazy how he had changed his tune. What had happened at his mother’s house this weekend to make him change like this?
    After Debbie came home from grandma’s house, she immediately called Dave and asked to meet up with her. As soon as she climbed into his car she was all over him. They drove to their special parking place and had a marathon making-out session in the back seat. He felt a little guilty after having cheated on her by fucking her mother and tried to act “normal” in order to make everything seem as if things were the same as they had been before.
    The ...