1. When Emma Met Angie

    Date: 4/11/2024, Categories: Cuckold Author: EmmaEddie72, Source: LushStories

    Do you ever find yourself reflecting on certain events and the decisions you have made in your past that have shaped your life, perhaps for the better, or maybe for the worse? I do. And I try to imagine what my life would be like today, if that had not happened, or if I had made a different decision. Where would I be, and who would I be with, or for that matter, if I would be with anyone at all? And what would Emma be like? Would she be happy?
    When I am in one of these reflective moments, I tend not to dwell too long. To be honest, it scares me. I think most people tend to make the most important decisions without much thought. Well, I think I do anyway.
    So, ten years ago, when I found a text message from my husband to another woman, sorry I mean a little strumpet, half my age, my initial reaction would probably have resulted in a ten-year stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure. But instead, I sat myself down and had a serious conversation, with myself, before I confronted the cheating bastard, sorry I mean my darling husband. And I am so happy I did.
    And I was in one of those reflective moments about four years later when Eddie, out of the blue, suggested we needed a holiday. We had been having a few issues, not between Eddie and me, but with family matters and we had spent the last few months running around after everyone else. We had even put our secret life on hold. Yes, I was still managing to join him on his work trips and yes, we had had a few memorable encounters but yes, we needed a holiday. Just me and my gorgeous husband. A week later, we flew off to Crete. I was so excited.
    It was mid-June. With a little help from the local travel agents, I had found a lovely hotel with a wonderful beach in a small cove, which opened into a beautiful bay on the east coast. The local town was a fifteen-minute walk and, as it was early season, we expected good weather but not the scorching temperatures you can get later in the summer. And it was before the school holidays so there would not be too many children about.
    As soon as we got there, we relaxed. It was a fabulous hotel. Our room was spacious, and its balcony looked out onto the private gardens and beach. There were numerous bars and restaurants which you could choose from. And it was not crowded. It was perfect.
    Eddie was training for a race, so he was getting up early to run and we would then breakfast together, and then go down to the beach.
    We had found a grassed area with some trees, just off the path which ran one side of the cove, with one of the hotel bars nearby. You could see the inlet below with its crystal-clear water and, best of all, no one else seemed to use the area, preferring the beach and surrounding gardens. It was perfect for us, and I could go topless and even untie my bikini bottoms if I remained lying down.
    Every morning around 10.30’ish, Eddie would head off for a swim. On the first day there, he had seen an older guy swim out of the cove and head ...