1. Inaugural Balls

    Date: 4/11/2024, Categories: Cuckold Author: AGreyFoxxx, Source: LushStories

    Time: Somewhere in the future.
    Place: Washington, D.C. To be more precise, the grand ballroom of the White House.
    She was celebrating a historic occasion. The glass ceiling had finally been shattered. A woman had been elected President. It was 3 A.M. and the last of four parties was drawing to a close. A few diehards were still at the makeshift bar, but, for the most part, the partygoers had departed for home.
    "Why don't you be a dear and go prep the bed," Elizabeth said to her husband.
    "Is that a request, or a Presidential order? " Robert replied.
    "Let's make it my first executive order."
    "Yes, Madam President," he said as he wheeled out of the ballroom, heading for the elevator.
    Saying her goodbyes to the handful of well-wishers, the newly elected Elizabeth Blackwell headed for the residence upstairs, followed by her Secret Service detail. His name was Roger Quinn. Handsome, black, and still very fit, he had played lacrosse at Syracuse where he attained all-American status. He had also gained the reputation of being an all-American in the bedroom. Rumor had it that he was hung like a horse and knew how to use it.
    Elizabeth's husband Robert, still getting used to his paraplegic status sat up in bed when he heard some commotion in the hall. He knew exactly what was going on, even if he couldn't see it. Roger had his wife pinned to the bedroom doorway. His large, meaty hand had found its way under Elizabeth's dress and was slipping inside her very expensive panties while the two kissed each other deeply. Roger's middle finger slid easily inside the President's cunt. She soon became breathless as Roger expertly wiggled his finger deep inside, ravaging her g-spot. As abruptly as he had entered her, he pulled his finger out and painted her lips with her pungent musk. She sucked his finger into her mouth all the way to its base and whispered, "Aren't you going to taste me?"
    "I'm going to do a lot more than taste you, Madam President."
    "Please call me Elizabeth. At least in private, Roger.", she said as she reached for the door handle.
    "Won't your husband hear us?"
    "Hear us?" she laughed, "Hell, he's going to watch us!" She pulled him inside the darkened bedroom. For once in his life, Roger was speechless. He had seduced a great many women in the few years since college, but never in front of their significant others. He reached around her back gripping her dress. Elizabeth nibbled his ear and whispered, "Don't rip the dress. It's borrowed. The owner expects some cum stains, but I don't want to destroy the dress."
    Roger unzipped the dress from her neck to her shapely ass, stepped back and let it fall to the floor. He followed it as it slid off her shoulders, revealing her bra-clad breasts. Dropping to his knees until his face was even with her matching gauzy black panties, he smiled as he saw the neatly trimmed tuft of red hair behind the material. Reaching out, he peeled them off her hips as she lifted her left ...