1. My first BBC Chap.2

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: Diary Ass to Mouth, Bisexual Cuckold Enema, Fisting, Humiliation Author: b3delta, Source: sexstories.com

    Chap 2
    Our sex life was reborn after that first night with Kevin. Tara asked me about it. “Are you ok that another guy fucked me?” “Absolutely honey, it was incredible. Deep down we still are the two in this marriage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sex. Plus, that giant cock was able to please you more than I could with my average one. And he sure pleased me with that thing.”
    Tara asked “I hope I didn’t say anything mean to you while it was happening.” “Tara, during sex, things are done and said as part of the act, they don’t actually mean anything. When you say things like that it actually adds to the fun, and I would love if you would increase it.” “Increase?” she said. “Yes, when you are looking things up, lookup BBC cuckold, humiliation, denial, edging, sissy, and mistress.” I told her. She typed them into her computer to research and I went to work.
    The rest of the week was pretty normal, we went on with our lives, had some regular sex but nothing kinky. Friday came and I got home from work to find Tara in a black corset and thigh high boots. “Welcome home.” She said. “Thanks honey you look amazing!” She walked over and grabbed my balls hard, squeezing them so I winced. “You will call me Mistress, or be punished, you worthless limp dick faggot. Do you understand?”
    “Yes Mistress!” I cried and she released my balls. “Go shower” she said “and shave your body.” I said yes Mistress and went upstairs, hopped in the shower and began shaving. Tara appeared a few minutes later as I was finishing my chest. “Give me the razor.” She said and began shaving me. Normally I keep my cock, balls, and chest shaved but Tara was doing everything. She started at my neck and worked all the way down to my feet, even getting my ass crack. I was so smooth, it was incredible. “Bend over slut.” Tara said, and I complied. She then pushed a shower enema plug inside me and turned it open. My colon started filling with warm water. It felt good at first but soon the pressure was building. MY stomach was full and sticking out like I was 4 months pregnant. I was moaning from the pressure but she didn’t care, she would just say “stop moaning like a whore.” Finally she turned off the water. As she removed the enema plug she immediately pushed a larger plug inside me. It was pretty big and stretched me as it went in, once it was in my ring locked tight around it. Tara then began pumping it up, Making the part inside me wider and wider, ensuring the water didn’t leak out. When she was satisfied she removed the pump and the plug stayed firmly in, no leaks. She said to dry off and meet her by the mirror.
    With the towel around my waist and my cramps beginning I waddled over to her. “No, no. That’s not how you wear a towel little bitch, here.” She took it off me and wrapped it around my body so it covered my nipples. “There, that’s how girls wear a towel.” “Yes Mistress” I replied. “Now we have to make you pretty.” Tara said and opened up her makeup box. She ...