1. Planck Tech Ch. 02: A Little Fun

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: Fetish Author: byAnthropicScholar, Source: Literotica

    Earlier that day
    Ester Holt's spine crackled with anticipation as she walked in, the morning sun blazing behind her as she entered the rented lab space.
    It might have had something to do with her arousal too. She felt the usual surge of excitement crackle through her when Elizabeth Moroh, 'certified mad scientist' greeted her.
    There was the fact she was a bit taller than her, and (if Ester was being honest) just as pretty, but it was also the attitude she had, the assumption that things would go her way. And the way she would give orders in that suit-skirt and look at her...
    Ester shivered.
    Lizzy grinned smugly at her as she hurried past to the bathroom to change into her uniform.
    Ester peeled out of her jeans and shirt, having foregone underwear... which might have been a mistake, if she was honest, since she was already starting to get damp in anticipation of the test.
    She slipped on her lab coat, buttoned it to conceal that she was otherwise naked, slipped her shoes back on, and left the bathroom.
    Melissa was as shy and nervous as ever, and Ester smiled at how cute she was, before offering to take her backpack. She winced at the weight. She was pretty strong but this was a lot.
    Doctor Moroh came out to greet Missy, and told Ester to set up for the next test.
    While she loaded the profile to target organic matter and the marking compound Missy had been ingesting, Lizzy leaned over her back, the pressure of her breasts and the feeling of her pressing on her back through the single layer of the lab coat adding to her arousal.
    "Got it!" she told the Doctor as the profile loaded and she made a few corrections.
    "How do you address me, assistant?" Lizzy asked quietly, and ester felt a gentle pinch on her arm, making her pussy twinge pleasantly.
    She yelped. "Got it, boss." she said quickly.
    "Better." the doctor whispered, making her squirm with the warmth of her breath on her ear.
    The test began. Missy stood, bashfully, on the square of extra soft carpet in front of the lens of the device, hands at her sides and feet together, and Lizzy activated the machine.
    She switched between monitoring the readout on the laptop and watching, as Missy shrank, moment by moment, as her clothing (excluded by the marking compound she'd taken in over the past week) became looser and looser, as she became more and more exposed.
    Her shirt slipped, slowly exposing her shoulders and breasts, little by little, even as she seemed to grow drowsy, standing in front of the machine.
    Ester's pussy was throbbing now, and the excitement was making her hands tremble a little.
    Missy's skirt suddenly slipped down her legs, her panties following soon after. Ester, transfixed by the sight, barely noticed that she was drooling, until Lizzy called her attention to it. It was one thing to see cubes of metal change size.
    It was an entirely strange, and exciting feeling, watching a whole person steadily loose ...