1. The Awakening

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: Incest / Taboo First Time Masturbation / Toys Author: mannamookie, Source: xHamster

    It was very early ... barely enough light to see anything, and I lay there for a while wondering why I'd woken up at this hour, and then I felt her next to me ... she must have climbed into bed whilst I was asleep.She was snuggled up next to me and I could smell the warm sweet scent of her hair. I lay there motionless, pretending to sleep, and savouring the feel of her young body pressed against mine, her leg resting on my thigh, and the heat emanating from her silken bush.She had her hand resting on my belly, and was moving it ever so slowly, carefully down towards my crotch, pausing now and then as if not to wake me....My cock had already made up it's mind though, and was pumping up to a full erection, and by the time she reached my shaven pubic hair, it had risen to meet her tiny hand.She made a little gasp as her hand encountered it, and remained still, as if she was trying to work out whether I had woken up, but I remained motionless, anxious to see what would happen.Eventually curiosity got the better of her, and she attempted to encircle it with her hand, but it was too big for her, so she took to slowly rubbing it back and forth, sliding my foreskin over the bulbous head, where I knew she would encounter the slimy ooze that was dribbling from it.She slid her hand down and gently cupped my balls, one at a time, moving them around in her hand, as my shaved scrotal sack tingled with her touch.It was time for me to stop pretending to be asleep, so I made a little grunting noise and murmured "Ooh that's nice, please don't stop", and I pulled her body close to me feeling the warm wetness between her legs, as she ground her pubic bone against my thigh.She didn't move her hand, until I took it and placed it back on my throbbing cock, sliding it up and down to give her encouragement to continue her pursuit.I pulled the sheets back, exposing my rock-hard cock, which was just visible in the pre-dawn light, as she slid her hand up and down soaked with my slippery lubricant.She was riding my thigh as she worked my cock, and with my hand in the small of her back, I kept her hot wet pussy tight against me. She was gasping and grunting as she rode, and I could smell the fragrance of sweat, and young cunt, as her juice oozed out onto my leg.Her body went stiff, and with a strangled cry she began to buck, and writhe, still slamming her pussy against me.I rolled her off, and slid down the bed, opened her legs and plunged my tongue into her pinkness, lapping at her juice and savouring the salty taste of girl-cum, and the faint flavour of her piss. I buried my face in her soft downy hair, dripping with her orgasm.I moved up, straddling her body, my oozing cock above her belly, and I began to masturbate in long slow strokes, squeezing the dribbling slime from my cock with each stroke."Take over" I said, and watched as she wrapped as much of her hand around my bulbous cock-head as she could, staring in fascination as the morning light began to light the ...