1. My affair with Summer

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: True Stories Author: aquireit, Source: sexstories.com

    A few years ago I was working at a large government complex in the Southwest. I periodically went there and spend a month at a time working. Some places on the site were classified, so I had to have an escort. The last two times I went out there, my escort was a woman named Summer. Summer was tall slender brunette, who seem to be very professional.
    The project I was working on was going to take two months. I'd spend month there, go home for two weeks, and then go back for another month. We had to make appointments at each facility before we could go, so scheduling was big issue. The site was about 50 miles from the nearest town. So we'd have to get up early and drive for an hour before we can start working and it was the same going home in the evening. We end up spending a lot of time together talking on the drive to and from site. Since we were in a government vehicle, she had to drive.
    I learned that Summer's husband was a bishop in some small local religion that I had never heard of before, called Church of Loving Forgiveness. She didn't talk much about it, but did say she was very active in the church. During the first week we got to know each other fairly well and I really liked her. Slowly during the week, she started open up a little bit and I got the feeling that she was in a very strange relationship.
    She started asking me questions about my life and even got into my sex life. I didn't really have a problem telling her anything I've done, including both mine and my wife's infidelities. She seemed really interested that I have share her and had affairs. Some she knew about and others that she didn’t
    On Friday, after lunch, we went to a new facility, but we had to skip our meeting because they were having a drill, which we were told was take the rest of the day. We tried to make appointments at other facilities, but it was pretty late. So Summer asked me if I wanted to get a drink. I said sure and she started driving off the site. She took a turn off the main highway and drove a few miles to the small hole in the wall bar in the middle of nowhere.
    She told me this is big hangout for people that work at the site. We went inside and there was no one there, because everyone was working at this time of day. She ordered two beers, I took mine went to sit at a table. Before I can even take one drink, she had chugged her first beer and ordered a second. Then, she came over and sat down. Started to talk about what we do next week, but the conversation soon turned sex, and her marriage.
    After second beer she really opened up and told me about her religion. It turns out that her husband's church was a cult that used sex to forgive sins. Women in the church have sex with a bishop to have their sins forgiven. Her husband openly had sex with many women in church. Summer was expected to have sex with the men in the church, while her husband watched. He had to be there or the sins wouldn't be forgiven. She complained that there were ...