1. Petra's Erotic Photo Gallery Ch. 06

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: by1fastguy, Source: Literotica

    In case you missed Chapters 1 to 5:
    Petra Stanwick graduated in Fine Arts and opened a little gallery. Her shop was not doing very well until her former professor, William Dennison began supplying her with erotic black-and-whites to sell, images he'd taken of her two years earlier. These were the most lurid images from the fashion series he used to illustrate his lectures, and they sold like crazy at her gala opening event.
    Art lovers Gerard and Mona Rodman recognized Petra as the nude model in the bold prints they bought from her. They threatened to reveal her identity unless she agreed to regular Saturday night sex with them. She'd already been to their mansion twice for wild times and had made friends with their handsome chauffer, Darren. Now Petra wanted some way out of his employers' dirty deal.
    It would take Petra more than a quiet Sunday to recover from being thoroughly used the night before. She ached all over and hadn't slept well either. Her lithe body was marked with signs of rough treatment at the hands of the Rodmans and cougar Lezlee Bellevue- before and after she passed out. On Monday morning she was late opening the gallery below her apartment.
    At about the same time, her friend and photographer, Professor Edwards was launching into his next topic in Fine Arts 345, "The History of Design". The week before he had debuted new masked student models, Christina Appleby and Gabriella Smithers, to highlight fashion in 18th century France. Half-nude images of the curvaceous young women had been a hit. His class was ready for more.
    Another working week was underway in the small city Stanwick and Edwards called home. Petra faced the day with determination to pull herself back together, while the Professor expected to bask in accolades from his students with more suggestive slides in his next topic. Two parallel lives would converge later on today.
    Thankfully the art gallery was quiet that morning. Owner Petra Stanwick was moving slowly, and weighed down by a major problem. As much as she enjoyed unbridled sex, both weekends at her blackmailing clients' mansion had been over the top. Their sexual demands were increasingly excessive. They'd brought Lezlee into their games and promised more people next weekend. But she was trapped.
    By 11:00, strong coffee had finally kicked in to wake up the proprietor. Just then the shadow of a familiar big car darkened the front window of the shop. The Rodmans' limo! Was it the couple coming around for a booty call? Surely not this early. The shop door opened, and a familiar capped green uniform entered- their driver Darren. And like last week, he had a package under his arm.
    "Oh... Darren. Anybody with you?... Good. I don't think I could face them again so soon."
    "They was rough with y', no?"
    "How do you know that?"
    "I took y' into the other room when they all passed out..."
    "Oh god! Was I naked?"
    "Y' were, and beau'ful to see. Marked up tho'. I put y' ...