1. Lost Empire 74

    Date: 5/15/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Alien, Non-Erotic, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    0001 - Tempro
    0003 - Conner- Thomas
    0097 - Ace - Zimmel
    0098 - Lucy
    0101 - Shelby (mother ship)
    0125 - Lars
    0130 - Gillese
    0200 - Ellen
    0250 - Tendra
    0301 - Rodrick
    0403 - Johnathon
    0778 - Jan
    0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)
    0805 - Toran
    0808 - Radella
    0881 - Handrax
    0908 - Tara - Mara
    1000 - Sherry
    Ungrown - unnumbered
    0100 - Derry (father ship)
    Rescued from Tendraxians
    so far
    4 on Shelby 2 in re-gen
    8 on Lucy
    Known and OR numbered
    0501 - Thaddeus
    ???? - Lena
    missing - 0667 - Marco
    0999 - Zan - still lost
    Derrick was still in deep thought when the door to the bridge opened. Looking up Derrick nodded as Dempsy entered followed very closely by Onai and Akira Dempsy. Slightly shaking his head, Derrick sighed, Onai he figured, possibly Akira Dempsy, though not both at the same time.
    "As you ordered sir." Dempsy stated as he snapped off a salute.
    "I may have another mission for you. It appears that Jimison engaged in a mating ritual/fight with the Delcron Emperor's daughter." Derrick said.
    Kimon's eyes went wide as soon as he heard this. "I take it that there are dire circumstances?"
    "That's to say the least," Derrick said a look of irritation on his face. "Then we have the Tendraxian survivors that seem to be terrified by me!"
    Derrick look behind himself at the slightly trembling females huddled together. He barely shook his head in disbelief about that.
    Kimon's face held mock surprise, "No way sir, not you!"
    Derrick turned quickly to stare at Kimon. Reaching in his pocket, Derrick produced a star emblem. Holding it out to look at, he again turned to stare at Kimon.
    "I hope that you still remember, what I told you last time about mocking me. I still need another Brigadier General for the ground forces." Kimon slowly backed away not saying a word, seeing the almost evil smile on Derrick's lips.
    Bowing low Kimon finally spoke, "Sire, I would never mock you. I live to serve you, sir."
    Derrick eyed Kimon suspiciously then slowly nodded. "As I said, we or rather I have multiple problems. Besides the first two, the Delcron Emperor and his daughter are expecting another ritual fight to finally end this. Though I am inclined to order Jimison to go with them, they also have their traditions."
    Kimon was about to speak then he nodded, his own people were nothing if not slaves to their traditions. "I understand now sire, I imagine that they feel that they would be nothing without them."
    A small smile, slowly crept to Derrick's lips, he'd hoped that Kimon would respond like that. He knew that the Jitakuans had a good amount of traditions as the Delcrons did. Derrick had actually read the first hundred or so pages finding more than a few similarities between ...