1. Girl's Gym Gyno 1: Alessandra 1 (pix)

    Date: 12/13/2019, Categories: First Time Masturbation / Toys Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Poet-PETER, Source: xHamster

    As recently retired gynaecologist, I offer free advise and consult to all fine females and great girls, who meet my taste. Every day, many meet me on the street where I live at the former Wood Harbour in old Amsterdam, where they attend 4th Gymnasium, one of the best grammar schools in town. As I demand high standards of both mental and physical beauty, I only need to select the prettiest slender sweethearts, sporting tiny titties, tight twat and ass, to address.Gentlemen prefer blondes, so no wonder Alessandra was my first conquer, which simply started with an innocent conversation. I like them shy and sexually as inexperienced as it gets. The longer it takes them to surrender to me, the larger the eventual erotical and sexual satisfaction.https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7482925/131482691Alessandra sits down with me for a cold drink during the 'Indian Summer' in the first weeks after her school starts, early September, about a dozen years ago. I quickly notice, she is smart indeed, as she is autistic. She rarely looks into my face during our talks. Her eyes dwell often in the same direction as mine do sometimes, for the nice young yummies like her, who pass by our terrace, around the corner from our street.Alessandra blushes, but does not deny my suggestion she is only interested in girls like her. Her face gets more red the moment I suggest she is warm and wanton, but lacks any actual experience. She confirms that her first crush does not attend her school. She feels rejected by her. And neglected, unseen and unwanted in her new social circle.Alessandra easily opens up in our conversation, as soon as we sit down for further talks during drinks in my small sunny garden. Soft spoken, no neighbour can hear her cunning confessions. She feels free as she is not into men in the first place. And trusts me as soon as I tell her about the source of my knowledge in sexuology.Alessandra admits she often plays her pussy, at home, after her parents are off into bed. She still sports fearsome foxy fantasies about her lustful love Linda, who is much more open about sex, especially with elder men. Linda learns the dirty difference between love, sex and abuse not much later. Somehow, she survives and matures.https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/4710387/80213272Alessandra beats around the bush, as much as she beats her blonde bush. Too timid and shy for face to face cunning confessions, she is eager to my suggestion to talk more often in internet. Her ears turn red on my information on the possibility of private conversations on this site. Smart as she is, she adds a couple of years and creates a profile.Alessandra enormously enjoys our attention. Almost every evening she starts a chat with her private expert in erotics. She shows many talents. Foremost is her amazing ability to tell the truth, hidden in a long list of lies. As an expert, I see through her so-called confessions and slowly search for the sexual stories to tell her truth. Which takes years.